Episode 129: How Cold Calling and Talking to People Helped a Driven Rhino Earn a 6-Digit Payday

The wholesaling world can be full of surprises. What you think might be too simple to work might just be the missing link you are looking for to close a lucrative deal. Today’s guest can attest that sometimes, you are just a conversation away from a massive payday!

In this episode, Talk to People (TTP) coach Brent Daniels talked to Solomon Oh, a resourceful and driven wholesaler from Seattle, Washington. While doing wholesaling on the side, Solomon earned $25, 000 from his first deal. From there, he decided to do wholesaling full-time.

The Deal:

Fast forward to his 3rd deal and you’ll never believe what he earned—a whopping $100, 000 for a deal he closed in just 2 months! And no, he didn’t do anything extraordinary. However, he did something many people tend to just overlook—cold calling and actually talking to people!

  • Solomon rode around the University of Washington area on his bicycle (and sometimes, skateboard) to look for and take note of houses that needed some love.
  • After taking note of 30 to 50 properties, he checked for the owners using the county records and cold called them.
  • He was able to talk to a prospective seller in July and closed the deal in August after making weekly follow-up calls. And yes, you got that right. That’s a 6-figure payday for just 10 to 15 hours of work!

In the wholesaling world, the importance of talking to people cannot be overemphasized. While it can be nerve-racking especially for neophytes, it just might bring you a step closer to earning a 6-digit income!


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