Episode 128: Why You Need Commitment to Succeed in Wholesaling

Today’s special guest is Walter Roby. The San Fernando Valley, California native has only been part of the tribe for 3 months. However, even while working full-time, Walter managed to do something totally awesome—he has already closed 2 deals and earned a total of $8,000 in assignment fees!

In this episode, you’ll discover the challenges and setbacks he encountered while closing his first deal and how he managed to work around those hurdles and come out victorious. You’ll also discover how committed he is to succeeding and how that commitment has played a key role in his success.

If you are a newbie in the fascinating world of wholesaling, consider this episode a must-listen. Walter’s story is inspirational as much as it is motivational!

The Deal:

While Walter has tried wholesaling on his own (he sent out 100 to 200 postcards), he was only able to secure his first deal on his 2nd month after joining the tribe. Even if he was not sure about what he was getting into or what his next steps should be, he still took massive, imperfect actions to make things happen.

  •  His first deal was from someone he found on the high equity absentee owner out of state list.
  • Since he works full-time, he used his break to get back to the seller and asked for the name, number, and property address.
  • Seller has been doing real estate and was looking to liquidate. Initially, seller wanted $390, 000 for the property but in the end, they both agreed to $385, 000.
  • While he was able to close the deal 3 weeks after and walked away $5, 000 richer, he maintains he probably won’t be able to do it if he didn’t commit and gave it his 100%.

Since then, Walter has closed another deal that earned him $3, 000 in assignment fee. Walter’s story is a testament that being a wholesaling neophyte is not a hindrance to success. As long as you are committed and you keep pushing forward, you are already a step closer to closing your next deal!


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