Posted on: January 08, 2018

Brooks Everline is a resourceful tribe member from Maryland. What makes his story unique and inspirational? This phenomenal husband and father of 2 has only been wholesaling for 4 months and he’s already amassed a total of $51, 000 in assignment fees! And that’s not even the best part yet. The amazing thing is he’s making a killing while employed full-time!

If you are working full-time but would want to find another lucrative way to bring in some cash, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss! In addition, you’ll also learn the exact method Brooks uses to close deals, the benefits of hiring someone from the family to help, and the game-changing audiobooks he swears by. You better have a pen and paper handy!

The Deal:

Even while working full-time, Brooks has also been doing real estate on the side for the last 2 and a half years. Lately, he has decided to focus on wholesaling. Here’s how he manages to close deals despite having to work 60 hours per week.

  • Oftentimes, he spends Mondays accomplishing wholesaling tasks he needs to get done. The rest of the week, tasks are taken care of by his assistant Jade.
  • In his absence, Jade makes calls, does follow-ups, and screens calls. If she finds a motivated seller, she’ll send the details over to Brooks.
  • Brooks calls or texts seller to ask when’s a good time to get in touch so they can figure out the rest of the arrangements.

While doing wholesaling on the side can seem challenging, it can be done. As long as you stay resourceful and persistent, you’ll definitely get more than you bargained for!


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Episode Transcription

Tom: Okay guys. Today’s episode is going to be a little unique because I am going to be talking to or with a tribe member who is a total rock star. This individual came into the tribe in four months, has made approximately $51,000 in assignments with only putting about four to $5,000 out of his pocket for a marketing and an assistant and things like that. So we are going to pick his brain and what specifically I want to pick on today is I really want to deep dive with this guy. He has a full time job. I’m talking a lot of hours, full time job, and he’s been able to do this part time. So if you’re listening to this podcast or if you’re a tribe member already and you’re trying to get started in wholesaling and you have a full time job and you don’t know where to start, we are going to pick his brains.
You guys know this is a no fluff, no BS zone. So we’re going to pick his brains, we’re going to get right to the meat and potatoes. We’re going to find out how we did it, what it took, and what you can do today to take action. Massive imperfect action today. Progress not perfection today to get some of his results right now. So let’s get started. Brooks Everline, can you hear me?

Brooks: Absolutely. I can hear you, Tom.

Tom: Brother, $51,000 in four months is absolutely astronomical with a full time job. It’s astronomical without a full time job. We are going to deep dive it today. I am super excited that you could be here. Thank you very, very much.

Brooks: Oh man. Thanks, the pleasure’s mine. I’m excited. Appreciate the opportunity. I’m looking forward to it.

Tom: Well, it’s all on this side of the table, brother, because you know I myself quit. I had to be fired actually, so I was fired. I was going to say quit. I wish I could say I quit. I actually got fired and then I did my first deal. So I want to get into the weeds with you exactly how you do that. Before we do that. Can you give us just a little brief introduction, who you are and a little bit more about where you live and what you do and how you did it, you know, just kind of a little bit more about who you are as a person.

Brooks: Yeah absolutely. So I am a husband and a father of two children.

Tom: Awesome.

Brooks: I hail from Hagerstown, Maryland, which is a suburb about an hour and a half West of Baltimore DC. Born and raised, been here my entire life so I’m in the hotbed of, I like to call the Tri-state region so I can be in three different States in about 15 to 20 minutes. Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia and even as parts of VA. So I have a full time job as you said, I am a UPS tractor trailer driver, so I work a very hectic schedule. Just the last month of December alone we’ve been wanting like a 70 hour work week. So yeah, we’ve been putting in some time. I’ve been doing real estate for the last two and a half years, all with this full time job and it’s been a fun ride and I’ve learned all via podcast at while, I’m trucking like totally self taught. I’ve joined some mentor groups and things like that.
Don’t get me wrong, but the initial push has all been through podcasts, audible books through That’s where I’ve got my start and I still do it today, learn a ton of things from that and I just couldn’t, I recommend that to everybody. That’s just invaluable. You got to be in that space.

Tom: Is listening to podcasts.

Brooks: Oh, absolutely.

Tom: Okay.

Brooks: Absolutely.

Tom: Okay.

Brooks: And books. And the audible books. Yeah.

Tom: Yeah. Audible books. I can’t say enough about, so I totally agree with you. You are a full time worker now. How much time do you actually spend working?

Brooks: On real estate?

Tom: No. In your full time job.

Brooks: Right now I’m blocking about 60 hours a week.

Tom: Now, I really, I want everyone to hear that because sorry, that’s my treadmill desk beeping while I’m talking to you.

Brooks: I need one of those.

Tom: Oh bro, they’re fantastic. Dr Greger, “How Not To Die.” Great book. I strongly recommend a walking treadmill desk.
So here’s my deal. We have students, tribe members all over the country, from California to New York, Florida to Texas, Texas, to everywhere. Just about every state now. And you know, some of them have a full time job. As a matter of fact, I just had lunch with Johnny, one of our students, he’s in Palm beach and he came up and had lunch with me today at first watch and he was saying, Tom, you know, should I quit my job? Should I not? Of course me, I always encourage everyone to quit their job. I’m not one of those mentors who say, save up money and then quit later. I say quit now and go back to slavery later. But here’s what I’m going to say is I really want to, you know, pick your brain about how you did it.
Because so many people are saying, you know, well, you know, I need this, I need that or I don’t have enough time. So take me through a typical day. And also guys, I do want to say, cause you brought this up also, Brooks did a deal before he joined this tribe. He did a deal before coming in. So he already did a wholesale deal. So tell me a little bit more about a typical day. What does it look like? How are you able to work? I know obviously you’re on the road, so you could probably make phone calls. But how are you doing that? Like let’s get into logistics. What does your day look like? How are you able to do $51,000 in four months? And more importantly, how come you haven’t quit your job yet? I guess we shouldn’t put that out there in case your manager hears this, but tell us a little bit.

Brooks: Well, the reason, I guess the whole back for quitting the job is I got really good healthcare. UPS just provides great health care, you know, so it’s really tough with children to walk away from that. But-

Tom: Sure.

Brooks: A typical day for me is, you know, we go in our day starts Monday, either during the day or in the evening, depending on what shift I’m working.

Tom: Okay.

Brooks: So if I have all day Monday off, third of the day and I’m going to go in at night, I spend all day while my kids are at school doing real estate, whatever that means. Like I have eight apartments too. So I have rental properties. We do fix and flips. So, wholesaling’s new. So right now I’m laser focused on wholesaling. So typical day means I’m up, I am following up with call fire. Anybody that’s in the tribe knows that you get that, that call fire number and those come in, it’s great.
You can see who’s called. So I do a lot of followup with that. And then we just, you know, level of motivation depends on where we go with it. Right? So either set appointments from there. So Mondays are really busy for me I guess is what I’m saying. I cram a bunch of stuff into a Monday and then the rest of the week I have an assistant, whom you know, I just pay based on kind of like a job or based on how many tasks she completes for the day or the week, and at the end of the week we kind of come to pay her.

Tom: I have a lot of questions because I’m trying to break this down so that somebody could emulate it, if they’re working. First of all, I want to know how many deals does that 51,000 constitute? What does that translate to? So $51,000 is how many deals?

Brooks: Four.

Tom: Wow. That’s great. Okay, so that’s four deals. Now when you say you do real estate stuff, I don’t know what that means. Tell me what does that mean? Because in my mind I’m like, well, wait a second. If I’m on the road, if somebody who is a motivated seller who wants to sell quick, calls me but I’m on the road for two days, how do I get to that person fast enough? Like what are you actually doing? And then I really want to deep dive. How did you find your assistant and how do you use your assistant specifically? What does he or she do?

Brooks: Well, I found my assistant, she’s a family member.

Tom: Beautiful.

Brooks: She was out of work. So it’s been a great scenario. So see, I use her in this way. She has access, call fire leads come to her. They come to me and her. So I see them and she sees them. So she follows up right away. She knows what to do via the tribe. You know, we have the scripts, I trained her exactly what to say. Use the scripts and she screens these calls. She finds out who’s motivated, who isn’t motivated, just like you teach us in a trot.

Tom: Right.

Brooks: So, and then if there’s motivation, then I get the call. I get the email. And that’s really only how I work now. I don’t do a whole lot of the calling upfront. I don’t do much of that at all anymore. She handles a lot of that. I take it from motivation cause I had to, I had to. I was working, you know, I didn’t have time to be doing that. But before her I did. That’s what I did. I would make all of those phone calls. Mondays were just all, when I say real estate stuff, it was calling Craigslist ads. It was calling for rent, it was calling for sale by owners. Anytime I saw property out while I was driving, they had a for sale by owner sign, you know, I’d take down the number. I guess it was really just persistence.
Like I wanted this, I’ve wanted it for years. And you know, I’ve touched real estate via rental property and things like that and fix and flip. So I know the power of it. And now that I’m in wholesaling, like it’s just opened up all these doors like so, you know, I guess what I’m saying is I wasn’t new, so real estate education was already there. So I kind of knew how to implement some of these things. And that’s just what we’ve been doing. Just taking what the tribes taught us with wholesaling. And I’ve given that to my assistant and I get when it’s motivated, I get the call when, Hey, you need to go see this person right now. You need to call this person.

Tom: So look. Okay, so first of all, let me say as far as hiring a family member, I really want to encourage everybody who’s listening. What I value more, and I’m sure Brooks is going to agree with this, is that it’s when you have the family member, it’s the honesty, the loyalty, the dedication, the commitment is there.
It’s something that you don’t necessarily get if you hire outside of your family and friends network. So let me ask you this question. So that assistant is the call. So you send out your marketing, it goes to, you said call fire. Then that’s your voicemail. Then they call them back there. Are they doing live answer or no?

Brooks: Well, no we’re not. We’re just doing like you guys said to take the, it goes to the voicemail and then she calls him. If we get an answer, great. If not, she leaves a voicemail and then text message and we follow up like two or three times in a week. And then if we don’t hear anything back, we just do exactly what you guys said. Now we put them on that monthly follow up through a high rise and we just, you know, send out either a sly broadcast, you know, whatever a text.

Tom: You guys, Brooks just gave away the secret sauce. He spoke really, really fast. But what I want everybody to do is hit the 15 second or 30 second back button and I want you to hear exactly what he just said, because that’s why he’s doing deals. He calls him back immediately. They go to voicemail. Calls back immediately. They get put into the database, they go through a script. The script determines motivation. If they’re super motivated, they go to Brooks as an appointment setter and takes the next step as the acquisition manager. He’s acting like the acquisition manager. But then did you hear what he said? Two to three times in a week for call backs. He, they leave a voicemail and they send a text message. Then they do a Sly broadcast look into what that is. I don’t want to reveal the secret on online. If you don’t know what that is, look into it.
You have to have a little, you want to go for this yourself too. You don’t want to be spoonfed everything but look into it. Brooks just gave the complete sequence of how he’s been able to make, what more Americans make. He made more in, in four months than what most Americans make in a year. So I just want everybody to hear that. And additionally, you know we did that in four months. There was, it was 51K and he did that with four K to five K of expenses. Meaning marketing and everything. So, amazing. I love what you just said bro, because I know you said it quick. But you know somebody who’s just starting, I want them to hear exactly what you’re doing because that is the key. So that is very, very cool.
So now let me ask you this question. What about, what are the challenges that I would think that would be presented, would be the time-lapse right between, okay, so what is your assistant’s name?

Brooks: Jade.

Tom: So Jade gets on the phone. She says, “Brooks, this one is hot.” Do you call him and set the appointment? Does she have your control of your calendar? What does that look like?

Brooks: Well, she doesn’t have total control over the calendar. I’m jealous of you. I really am. I’m trying to get there. I love the idea. Yeah, I love it, but not right yet. So she’ll send it to me and I try to make that call in the morning. I try to touch them in the morning either if I’m getting off, say eight or nine in the morning. It just depends on what I’m doing as far as UPS work is concerned. As to when I can touch that person.

Tom: Okay.

Brooks: Sometimes it’s a text message because I have their phone number. I’ll say, “Hey, you know, my name is Brooks, my assistant. You spoke with her. I just wanted to let you know I have the message and I’m going to be calling you. When’s good for you?” And at least that way I touch him, because the open rate on a text, like you know is like 100%.

Tom: Right.

Brooks: So at least they know that I’m going to be in touch. So it’s not like, out there just wandering and hanging out.

Tom: Right.

Brooks: So that’s kind of what we’ve been doing so far. But I will say this, I wanted to touch on this too, with a family member. You were spot on. She has been so loyal and she does a heck of a job. I know I get way more out of her than I would someone who you just hire off Craigslist or somewhere else. You know, it’s no brainer. She just does a fantastic job. So you know, I give her small cuts of the commission off the text. They’re not huge right yet. But she’s going to try to scale to that acquisition where she’s doing what I’m doing. We’re already trying to phase that in. First part of 2018, we’re going to really try to structure and systematize our business so where she’s out doing more of that. So I’m kind of hands off at that point is the goal.

Tom: Right. Yeah. I think you know, that is absolutely the key. And I totally agree. I think that, you know, I have family and friends who work for me, you know, some of them in state, some of not in state and it makes a big difference. I will say giving my calendar over to my assistant has been really a game changer. But I think that’s more, you know, when you have like a, what I would call like an actual executive assistant. So you know, I wouldn’t, you know, worry about that too much right at this point. But yeah, for sure. Not having control of my calendar because I’m not a detail oriented person. I don’t, you know. My intention is good but I’m forgetful. But that is absolutely key. So, and I know you had, the reason that Brooks is bringing them up is cause we had to reschedule this podcast and I’m sure my team was with you trying to work around my schedule.

Brooks: Yeah, I know. You have nothing before 10 o’clock for Tom. Nothing after two. Nothing on Thursdays. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Tom: It’s good though, man. It’s good to, well, what do you go, especially now with all these little guys running around that we have five of them. So here’s the deal. I love this model. I know you, you mentioned that you listen to audio books. What are some of your, what’s your top five, like if someone’s driving in there, they need some audio books to listen to. What are your top five that have been game changers that you love? Like what does that look like?

Brooks: Well, a quick story behind that coworker gave me his audible account when I first started tractor trailer at UPS. He’s like, you’re going to need this. It’s great. It’ll take the time away. So I used this free account and he had books like “Think And Grow Rich.” He had a, what was the other, there was a couple of other books. Ah, they’ll come to me as we talk here.

Tom: Okay.

Brooks: But I got one of those books and they were just amazing. “Think And Grow Rich” is probably one of my favorites today. Still, just setting your mind to what you want and never deviating from it. Like just plow through like rhino. Rhino through it. Like if your why is so big and you want to reach that, why like, “Think And Grow Rich,” just set it up. I love the part in the book where the guy stopped three feet short of gold. And the other guy came and bought all of his equipment and he asked a local or he asked somebody, “Hey, where do you think about, where should I go?” And he just tapped into the same vein. I mean, you know, the rest is history, right?

Tom: Right.

Brooks: So you just stay to it. And there’s so many books that are kind of just based off of that. So I could go on and on like, “The Miracle Morning, A Spiritual Laws”, the book that you guys recommend that is a game changing book. “The Go Giver”, like I have all of them on my audible account now. So a lot of people played a part into this that I didn’t even know was happening at the time. You know, a coworker given me his free audible account and here I am on a podcast with you talking about this. I mean-

Tom: Yeah, right.

Brooks: So-

Tom: No, That’s awesome. I’m with you. I love “Think And Grow Rich” obviously. As a matter of fact, I just gave to my buddy Eric, he’s borrowing my copy of it. Absolute. It’s a must read, no question about that. “The Four Spiritual Laws Of Prosperity” by Edwene Gaines, the number one book. Anybody who’s thinking about coming into our tribe being a rhino, I could tell you right now it’s mandatory reading. You have to read it. We don’t give you a choice because we base a lot of our principals off of it.

Brooks: That book, I was away and I know this isn’t about, you know, faith and this and that. But I was away from the church for awhile, since joining and had been back. I was actually on simple wholesaling as well and their faith based.

Tom: Yes.

Brooks: Both your tribe and them, have got me back into this and the tithing, game changer. Game changer.

Tom: Yeah. I attribute the majority of my success to that. And I will tell you, you know, a lot of people say, well Tom, it’s not really like a Christian book, you know, why do you recommend it?
It’s kind of like a principle book, you know? So I’m not pushing Christianity. I’m a Christian. But yeah, I’m with you in [inaudible 00:16:45]. So we’re from simple wholesaling. Yeah. A good friend of mine of collective genius and he’s a great guy, very strong Christian. Has a prayer closet right in the office. I love that and I think that’s awesome. But yeah, I will tell you guys Christian or not, the principle works. There’s not, you could do everything that I suggest to do a wholesale deal or to do real estate and none of it can work. The tithing part, that’s biblical. Malakai chapter three right? Verse eight. So check it out. It works. It’s absolutely-

Brooks: One of the big things with that tithing, like I always thought you had to tie it to your church. That book opened up my eyes to like, it doesn’t matter.
Who fed you that week? It could’ve been a waitress, like [inaudible 00:17:24] in the book. I never even thought of it like that.

Tom: Right.

Brooks: So that just kind of just set it into another level. Like, Oh man, you know, the boys and girls crowd really touched me or they’re doing something great. Here’s 10% of my check. Boom.

Tom: Yeah, I love it.

Brooks: You know, it’s great. It’s great.

Tom: Well I think, you know, my big takeaway for, you know, I prefer for my church, right? But what I will tell you is I think my big takeaway was really the difference between tithing and charity and really understanding that there is a difference between the two. And I think that’s where some of my confusion was. Is like, oh, you know, I give to St. Jude. It’s like, yeah but what is it? 10%?

Brooks: Yeah. I just read that part of the book on audible the other day and I was like, Oh man, I was maybe counting that as a tie. That I got to go back and reevaluate here. I’ve got to give 10% of that because that’s a charity that wasn’t-

Tom: Yeah, that was a big takeaway for me. But I will tell you instant, instant results. And I hear from people all the time, as a matter of fact, with the exception of two people that I’ve come across and you know we’ve had many, many, many people that we’ve recommended this book to. Thousands certainly. And I’ve gotten nothing. But I’ve had two people who said, Oh no, I tried it, it didn’t work. But I love to be a little investigator and see if they actually did exactly what the book said to do.

Brooks: Oh yeah, it’s a game changer.

Tom: It’s a game changer. But, well good. So I totally agree. So let me ask you a question just to get a little bit more back into real estate, cause we’re kind of, I don’t want to go too far into this without giving people some usable stuff. With the assistant who’s making those calls for you. I know you have our regular script does or anything that you’ve added to the script or taken away based on the fact that you’re not the one making the calls. There’s any other qualifiers that you, when your assistant talks to these sellers that you’re including?

Brooks: Well, you know, she’s gotten to the point now where she can kind of, I don’t want to say we deviate from it, but she’s good enough now where they kind of answer questions for her, as they’re talking.

Tom: Right.

Brooks: So I wouldn’t say we’ve kind of added anything, but we do a lot more than just the calling of that. Like she sends text messages to Zillow ads. You know, she does a lot of things. You know, we’re always trying to find a deal. So I wouldn’t say we’ve changed the script at all or we changed how we follow up with sellers cause we really don’t. We just kind of do multiple layers of it. Like I said, we’ll go Sly broadcast we’ll do the text, you know.

Tom: I just want everybody to hear because you know the funny thing is because now that you have success, you know, sometimes it’s hard for an expert to talk to a rookie. But you guys, this podcast is so funny because if you listen, just quietly listened to what Brooks is saying, he just dropped a gold nugget. A gold nugget guys, did you hear what he said?
He said his assistant, you know, it’s not so much that she deviates from the script, it’s just that they’re really telling her. You see, this is the whole trick with wholesaling. You have to stop trying to convince people for them to sell you the house. If you allow them to speak and you listen, you can be a deal finder rather than trying to frustrate yourself by trying to create deals. So these sellers are telling her what they need and if they need speed and convenience, that’s when she sending out Brooks.
I guarantee it, you will never win with price with wholesaling. The whole wholesaling is the art of finding discounted properties. That’s all it is. I don’t care what your exit strategy is, it doesn’t matter. You will become a millionaire if you could find properties, real estate properties in your area that are discounted. Big discount. 40 cents on the dollar, 60 cents on the dollar. So if you listen, the sellers will tell you that. But that’s I think, a huge shift. I know and it just kind of went through a quickly, but you are 1000% right. That is spot spot, spot on. Absolutely.

Brooks: Yep. Well one of our big punchlines, I will say this, what, this is something that we do or I do, at least when I’m on the phone with them. When I get motivated sellers, I’ll say one thing. I’ll say, “Okay, so is it more important to the speed of us buying your property or do you have some time?” I said, “Because we can do either or.” I said, “But if you want speed, I can be at this point, but I can buy it in like 10 days because I’m at the mindset now I’m going to buy everything. I’ll either buy it myself or I’ll wholesale at all.” You know, I’m not going to let anything go because if it’s a discount at that, I’m going to buy it. So I’m, you know what I mean? I love it out there.
Like, look, I can do it in 10 days. Like, I just got a duplex for $23,000. Rented, both sides.

Tom: How much is it worth for?

Brooks: 500 per side. Now I said, I could have kept that. I assigned it. That’s the one I just assigned today. It was a $15,000 assignment. It needed work, you know, it needed work and things like that, but it’s already tenanted. You know, the people are living, they’re not complaining. It’s just in a blue collar working area. But I was getting like a 20%, 25% ROI day one, not doing any repairs.

Tom: That’s insane.

Brooks: You know what I mean? So I just pitched that to him. I guess that is one little caveat. Hey, how fast do you want to close? And they’re like, “Man, I really need to close.” I said, “Okay, well then I got to be at this price.” And I go do that in 10 days.

Tom: Why do most people who say, and then I’m going to let you go here cause I don’t want to keep you too long. But I know you’re doing deals here, but I just got to ask this question because I know a lot of people are out there saying do people really sell for 40 and 60 cents on the dollar of their houses? When you asked-

Brooks: Everyday.

Tom: Everyday brother, I know it. Yeah. We had a huge week this week. I think it’s only what is today Friday. So we’ve done so far and you guys, this is just how amazing this business is. I’ve done so far this week. I have collected over $70,000 in assignments this week. I mean brother, right? I mean this is the best in the whole country. I love it. Everybody should be doing this. But here is my question, and if anybody wants to verify that, you just send me an email. This is, I don’t know what week of the year. What is it? December 22nd? So if anyone wants to verify that this is the holidays. By the way, when everybody says it slows down. It doesn’t slow down in the holidays. You slow down in the holidays.

Brooks: Put your foot on the gas.

Tom: They’ll pump the brake. But here’s what I’m going to tell you guys, is that yeah, that you, I love that question because if it’s targeted, it hits the nail right on the head. It’s totally dialed in, because it’s hitting that criteria point. But I mean, could you imagine $1,000 a month on a 20 what was that, a $23,000 property?

Brooks: Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean it was crazy. I told the guy I assigned it to, he’s now become the best buyer that I have and he does turnkey. And I said, “Man, I shouldn’t be selling this to you man, but I’m focused on wholesaling. So here’s it is. Here it is.”

Tom: Yeah, that one. Next time call me. I’ll give you a little bit different if I would’ve kept that one. But yeah, especially cause you could pay cash for it now. But here’s what I would say is you guys, Brooks Everline, Maryland, this guy is a rock star. You’re going to hear a lot more about him. He is going to be down in the Orlando event. It is sold out, Orlando. I know we’re still in 2017 but the 2018 event is sold out. We are going to try to put another event together because we know there’s now like, we are getting nonstop calls to come to the event. But it really is limited by 150 people because the resort it’s in is, is booked. But we will have another one I’m sure 2018. But I know I’m going to see you there. Right Brooks, you got-

Brooks: I’m going to be there.

Tom: That’s going to be amazing. I cannot wait to shake your hand personally. It’s going to be a blast. I’m so honored to be on this journey with you, brother. It’s been great man. You are a rock star. I mean that amount of money in such a short amount of time and you’re, this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the next four months brings. It’s going to be great.

Brooks: Well thank you to you guys man. The tribe’s been just phenomenal. I mean the response through the forums. I mean, I could go on and on. But it’s just been a great, it’s like a family. It’s really a tight-

Tom: It is. I love it. I love it. I love our tribe, bro. I really, really do. You know, we had seven testimonials. It was on Wednesday. By Wednesday night we got our seventh testimonial and I love it, man. We have such a great, so many people being so successful. It’s not for everybody. I understand that. And you know, it doesn’t always work. But it’s like when it does, it comes together. Great. And hold on, I got to do one thing for you here. Hold on.
Yeah, that victory bell is for you, man. You’re a rock star. So Brooks, thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for sharing all those truth bombs and gold nuggets. It’s been awesome and keep trucking man, but hopefully not too long. What is your goal to, or I guess maybe we shouldn’t talk about that. When you’re doing this full time and not working, you let me know. We’ll do another podcast.

Brooks: I will definitely do that. So it should be early part of 2018.

Tom: All right, well I’m going to hold you to it. So we’re going to bring you up on stage and in Orlando and make sure we did that documented in a contract.

Brooks: All right, man. Hey, is it assignable?

Tom: All contracts are assignable. That’s funny. Good stuff. God bless Brooks. Good talking to you and we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks again for doing this and thanks for accommodating my schedule. I know we had to redo this once already, so thank you very much. I appreciate that.

Brooks: Pleasure’s all mine, man. Thanks a lot. God bless you, man. I’ll see you in Orlando.

Tom: I’ll see you to Orlando. Talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

Brooks: Thanks man. Bye. Bye.

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