Episode 123: Discover How a Savvy Stay-at-Home Mom is Making a Killing in Wholesaling

Today’s special guest is Corrie Moore. She hails from Topica, Texas and she’s only been wholesaling for 6 months. However, the smart wholesaling neophyte has already closed 7 deals! And she’s just warming up. If you want to bring in some cash and you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, consider listening to Corrie’s story a must!

The Deal:

Corrie is a mother of 6 and has been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years. She stumbled upon real estate while looking for ways to earn money without leaving her home. A friend told her about the Wholesaling Inc. podcast and from there she found the push she needed to give wholesaling a try.

  • One of the most lucrative deals she has closed was from a call she got from a bandit sign (yes, bandit signs still work!).
  • Seller was motivated since the property was in distress and is already 6 years behind taxes.
  • The owner asked for $60, 000 but she offered $37, 000.
  • While she was not able to close the deal that same day, owner eventually called her a week after and gladly accepted the $37, 000 offer.
  • She was able to turn the property for $46, 100. That means she got a whopping $9, 100 assignment fee!

Other gold nuggets you will learn from this episode

  • How she successfully pulled off her first deal even if she didn’t have cash buyers
  • Why letting people know what you do is key
  • The things she would do differently
  • The book that has helped her master the art of negotiations
  • The importance of having a mentor

Truly, Corrie’s story is nothing short of inspirational. And it also clearly shows how invaluable mentoring can be especially in wholesaling. Given you are courageous enough to take massive, imperfect actions and you have the expert guidance of mentors backing you up, you will be unstoppable!


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