Episode 122: How Taking an Uncomfortable Leap Helped a Rockstar Rhino Earn $30,000!

Today’s special guest is Ruben Herrera from Las Cruces, New Mexico. This down-to-earth husband and father of 4 has been a tribe member since December of 2016. So far, he has closed 7 deals the past 12 months and has decided to become a full-time wholesaler this August.

In today’s episode, you will learn how he discovered wholesaling, how he took action despite his fears, worries, and apprehensions, the book that changed his life, and how taking an uncomfortable leap led to a massive $30, 000 pay day!

If are looking for something inspirational, Ruben’s story is exactly what you need to hear. Truly, this is one episode you will download and listen to over and over again!

The Deal:

Prior to joining the lucrative world of wholesaling, Ruben worked at the Department of Homeland Security. He worked 12-hour shifts, 5 to 6 days each week, and was constantly missing special occasions.

One day, he heard Tom being interviewed on a podcast and from there decided to become a tribe member and give wholesaling a try. And that decision changed his life in more ways than he could have possibly imagined!

  • While he has closed several deals already, the most notable transaction he’s had was one where he earned $30, 000 for taking an uncomfortable leap of faith.
  • To score leads, he puts out bandit signs so anyone who wants to sell can just give him a call.
  • He got a call from a really motivated seller. He can tell from her voice that she was distressed and wants to get rid of her property right away.
  • When Ruben scheduled a meeting with the seller, it was only there that he discovered she wants to sell something he does not have any experience with—a mobile home!
  • From the seller, he discovered that the trailer park where the mobile home was on was shutting down because of some environmental issues.
  • This is the part where Ruben took a massive and uncomfortable leap of faith. Even without any prior experience dealing with trailer parks, he gave the owners a call.
  • He learned that the owners are elderly and have been trying to get rid of the trailer park. In fact, it has been listed for 2 years!
  • Initially, the owners wanted $250, 000 for 12-acre trailer park (35 spaces). However, when he offered them $165, 000, the owners happily accepted.
  • After having the property under contract, he submitted it to his buyers list and he got a response from 4 investors. However, come inspection day, he was in for a welcome surprise when 10 investors showed up!
  • He got 5 offers and the highest was $195, 000!
  • While the deal took 3 weeks to close, it was worth it since he walked away with S30, 000!

The wholesaling world is not for the faint-hearted. There will be times when you’ll need to take a leap of faith and dive in head first. However, Ruben’s story is a testament that as long as you have the courage, you will be rewarded handsomely!


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