Episode 119: How a New Tribe Member Conquered His Fears and Scored His First Deal

Jomy is an audacious tribe member from Rockland County, New York. The new rhino graduated with an engineering degree in electronics and computer but decided to give wholesaling a try in 2014. In this episode, he will share how he closed his first deal since joining the tribe, the fears he conquered along the way, and how a $433 investment got him $14, 000 in profit!

The Deal:

Closing his first wholesaling deal has not been a breeze but it didn’t stop Jomy from having a massive payday. While he still has a lot to learn about the wholesaling industry, he took risks and acted anyway. His courage paid off big time and made a world of difference!

  • He went on ListSource and got a thousand names from the equity list.
  • He used one of the best tribe postcards available and gave the list to a postcard company who sent it off.
  • A motivated seller called the next day. He has an unattended property that he desperately wants disposed.
  • He met the seller a week after and had the purchase agreement signed on the same day!
  • Other key takeaways from this episode
    • How he overcame fear and frustration
    • The importance of having a mentor
    • Why he wished he should have negotiated more
    • The things he learned as a tribe member
    • The book he is currently reading
    • Key insights he wants to impart to wholesaling newbies like him

Just like any endeavor, wholesaling can be daunting if you are still a neophyte and still trying to find your way around. However, as long as you are not afraid to be vulnerable and you have the courage to act despite your fears, you will be rewarded handsomely!


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