Episode 118: How a Rockstar Rhino Capitalized on Her Mistakes and Made a Killing in Wholesaling

Katharine Kilpatrick has only been part of the tribe for 4 months. However, she’s already an absolute rockstar! The savvy wife and mother of 2 earned $4,100 from her very first deal and will be earning another $11,000 on a deal she’ll be closing in about a week or so. In this episode, Katharine shares several nuggets of wisdom—how she was able to close one deal after another, the things she wished she could have done differently, the books and principles that helped her succeed, how tithing changed her life, and so much more!

The Deal:

Prior to joining the tribe, Katharine gave wholesaling a try. She sent out less than a thousand mailers and the response was abysmal —zero percent response rate! After stumbling upon the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, she became so inspired that she decided to give wholesaling another go. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions she has ever made!

  • She sent out direct marketing mail using the tribe postcard and received a reply from a very motivated absentee owner with 30% or more equity.
  • The seller is a developer who also lives in North Carolina and wanted to get rid of some of his real estate investments.
  • She quickly found a buyer for the deal and easily earned $4,100!

Her quick wit and ability to recognize and capitalize on her mistakes has made Katharine’s venture into the exciting but volatile world of wholesaling seem effortless. Use the tips, insights, and wisdom she has shared in this episode and you are well on your way to becoming the next wholesaling rockstar!


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