Episode 117: Uncover the Proactive Approach You Can Use to Make a Fortune in Wholesaling

Today’s special guest is an exceptional wholesaler named Brent Daniels. This rockstar rhino is currently dominating the Phoenix market with a total of $1.2M in closed and pending deals. And that’s just for this year alone! In this episode, he will share the effective techniques he employed to earn a huge amount of revenue in such a short span of time. Have a pen and paper handy, you’ll have plenty to take note of in this episode!

The Deal:

Brent is a licensed real estate agent who was looking for a different way of doing real estate. In 2014, he discovered the exciting world of wholesaling. Over the years, he has devised an amazing program that has made him one of the most prolific and successful wholesalers in the industry.

  • While there are a lot of others factors that have contributed to his success, having a proactive approach ranked high in his list. From there, he created TTP or Talk To People, a creative acronym he gave for phone prospecting or cold calling.
  • He believes that wholesalers are paid based on the value they provide the marketplace and the community. In other words, he sees wholesalers as providers of opportunities.
  • When finding opportunities, he discovered the following options are available at his disposal:
    1. Wait for it to fall on his lap
    2. Buy it through marketing channels (direct mail, pay-per-click, bandit signs, etc.)
    3. Proactively reach out to prospects (under this alternative, you have 2 options: knock on doors or pick up the phone)
  • He chose the third option and used the phone and his voice to provide opportunities and close deals. To date, he has already made a staggering million and a half phone calls!
  • Other noteworthy insights you will learn from this episode
    • The strategy and the exact voicemail script he uses when getting in touch with prospective sellers.
    • How he secures phone numbers of prospects.
    • The amount of investment you can put into cold calling and the ROI you can expect.
    • How much time you should spend on the phone to get results.
    • How to identify KPIs and track them.
    • The small difference you can make that will have a huge impact (it’s probably not what you think!).

With ingenuity, creativeness, and a proactive approach, Brent has secured his rightful place among the giants in the industry. Give some (or all!) of the strategies he shared a try and you just might earn your own spot among the wholesaling elites!


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