Episode 115: How an Obsession in Wholesaling Landed This Rhino 3 Deals!

Justin Mulanax is an action-oriented tribe member from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s been a member of the tribe since April of 2016. However, even if he has only been a member for a little over a year, he already has one major accomplishment under his belt—a massive $10,000 payday! In this episode, discover how being obsessed with the process of wholesaling–from marketing to seeing the deals through–have made all the difference

The Deal:

Justin first learned about the exciting world of wholesaling from his girlfriend’s dad. While it seemed pretty straightforward at first glance, Justin soon realized there is more to wholesaling than meets the eye. He discovered that if he wants to close more deals, he needs to focus on two key things—taking action and consistent marketing.

  • At first, Justin thought things need to be perfect before he would act. However, after he embraced the “progress not perfection” mindset, things start to turn around.
  • He got a call from a seller he made an offer to 14 months prior. When he met with the seller, he offered a price that’s “uncomfortable.” (He was willing to shell out $77,000 but he started the negotiations with a $70,000 offer and worked his way up).
  • His technique worked like magic as the seller accepted an offer that’s only 60 percent of what the property was actually worth!
  • Once he acquired the contract, he took action by blasting out emails and sending out text messages. He also went the extra mile by making as many as 70 follow-up phone calls. His efforts were rewarded when 7 potential buyers showed up!

His obsession with marketing and taking action has made Justin’s wholesaling journey truly lucrative. However, aside from the two basics, there are so many other nuggets of wisdom you can get from his story. Learn as much as you can and it just might be the push you need to duplicate his success!


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