Episode 114: The Secret to Success as a Wholesaler

In today’s awesome episode, you’ll get a rare glimpse into what a private mentoring session with Tom looks like. You’ll also get to listen as Tom provides expert wholesaling guidance and shares unconventional (but highly effective) strategies when dealing with cash buyers. As if not enough, Tom also shares what success as a wholesaler really means (hint: it’s more than just closing deals and making money!). Truly, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

The Deal:

Jackie Pearson was once an apprehensive wholesaler from Utah. However, with Tom’s adept guidance, she has conquered her fears and totally changed her mindset. Even if she’s still a new student, Jackie has already accomplished something massive—she already got 2 properties under contract and on her way to closing her third one!

  • Jackie started out by sending mails to her local market. After that, she explored other avenues and reached out to local wholesalers to check if they have properties that need help moving. Her resourcefulness worked like magic. From her strategy, she got a call from someone who told her there are 4 properties she might be able to help him with!
  • When dealing with properties with tenants, Tom recommends sending out one property at a time and starting out with the one with the biggest assignment fee.
  • While it’s easy to get lost in all the excitement of closing multiple deals, Tom highlights the importance of staying focused. In other words, there’s no time to be complacent and rest on your laurels. Every day, always aim to take things up to the next level!

In the wholesaling world, expert guidance and advice can make all the difference. And Jackie’s case is a testament to that. Invest in all the expert help you can get and you’ll be closing one deal after another before you know it!


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