Posted on: November 27, 2017

Todd Durand is a bold South Florida native who started his real estate journey in 2010. Now, he is on his way to earning a total of $131,000 in just 5 months!  What’s interesting about Todd’s story is he made a tremendous amount of money in such a short time by almost forgetting everything he thought he knew about real estate.

The Deal:

In his search for another lucrative source of income, Todd decided to give wholesaling a try. While he makes chasing deals look easy as a real estate agent, he knew his knowledge and expertise in the industry wasn’t enough if he wanted to make it big in the wholesaling world. So he joined the tribe and religiously adhered to the wholesaling system and it has proven to be one of the best investments he has ever made!

  • No matter how simple or trivial the information, Todd never bypassed any of the modules taught in the wholesaling system. He made sure he accomplished everything before moving on to the next step. In other words, he believed so much in the power of the system that he followed it step-by-step!
  • When it was time to send out mail, he went big. He sent out mail to more than 20,000 leads. His daring move paid off big time as the response rate has been nothing less than impressive — 235 phone calls!
  • He understood the principle that motivated sellers are looking for speed and convenience at the sacrifice of price.

Todd’s willingness to learn and his belief in the wholesaling system have made his wholesaling journey smooth sailing and inspiring, to say the least. Follow his lead and you might be the next wholesaling success story!


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: All right guys. Welcome to another awesome episode of Wholesaling Inc, the podcast where we are going to focus on getting you results. But stop right there because we pour ourselves, our team, there are a lot of people behind this podcast, our team pours ourselves into this podcast and giving you guys Up-to-date information. Usable information, no fluff, no BS, just stuff that you could implement to get revenue right now. So what we want to ask you to do is be a go-giver and leave this podcast a review. Now I know some of you guys are listening to this and you might be driving, you’re think you’re going to do it later, but here is the deal. It all starts with being a go-giver. We need to get more reviews. I think we have less than 200 reviews, which compared to our download list is insane. So we got to get more of you.
So everyone listening right now, if you haven’t subscribed, if you haven’t left a review, I am asking you to please do that either right now. If you’re not driving or if you’re driving, as soon as you get back to the office or back to your house to go into iTunes, leave us a review, subscribe to the podcast. I’m asking you guys to please do that and if you’re not convinced that you should leave a review, you certainly are going to be convinced at the end of this podcast today. The reason being is I have a very special guest with us. We have a new tribe member. His name is Todd Durand. This guy came into the program and absolutely killed it. He is on pace to do $131,000 in his first five months of the program and he has a very unique story because unlike most of our tribe members, he actually has experience in real estate. And it’s been a very interesting journey on how he’s skinned that cat and what that looks like and having the unique perspective of actually having experience and how he had put some of that aside.
So you guys know me. This is the no fluff, no BS zone. We’re going to put Todd in the hot seat, we’re going to find out exactly he did to produce such a tremendous amount of revenue in such a short amount of time. So we’re going to pick his brain and we are going to get right to it. He is also in the Florida market. He’s South of us in the Palm Beach area and let’s get started. So if you haven’t left a review, please do that today guys. It’s very important that you leave a review. It helps move us up in business, which is exactly what the point of this is, so we could help even more people. So let’s get started. Todd, can you hear me?

Todd Durand: Yes I can.

Tom Krol: All right Todd, it is awesome to have you on the show. I’m a little nervous because Todd actually was one of my cash buyers. That’s how I got to know Todd from a long time ago when I first started. Now four years ago, wholesaling real estate. He was somebody who was on my cash buyer list, which is pretty interesting now to have him in the program. So very cool. So Todd, I’m going to put you in the hot seat. We’re going to ask you some questions. We’re going to pick your brain. I hope you’re ready.

Todd Durand: Yes, I am. Before you do that. I want to say it’s an honor to be here and thank you for the invite and I can’t say enough about the experience working with you, so I’m excited and kind of nervous as well.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. Oh good. I really appreciate that. It means a lot to us and Todd is the real deal. It’s awesome to be part, even a small part of his journey. So this is incredible. So before we do that, before we kind of pick your brain and find out what you did and how you did it, can you give us a little overview of who you are, how you got started in real estate and all that good stuff.

Todd Durand: Okay. Yeah. I got started in real estate in 2010. I was exiting out of a business and I was tracking the real estate market and it was a perfect time to buy. Housing in South Florida was kind of dragging along the bottom on the real estate cycle. So in December of 2010 is when we purchased our first investment property to renovate flip. And over the years from 2010 until current that we’ve been, that’s been our primary business, buying, renovating and retailing out or buying, renovating and renting. And we held some and continuing to do it and then kind of followed that cycle. And then South Florida it went through that trough and came back to where the market is today. So that’s where I got started in real estate.

Tom Krol: Okay. And do you have like a team or what kind of a business do you have?

Todd Durand: A small team. When we were doing a lot of renovations, we had a bigger team, but now it’s just, we have me and a couple of VA’s and we have one person in the office and we’re just chasing deals. So it’s relatively small team in our office.

Tom Krol: I love it. Chasing deals, my favorite thing to do. That’s awesome. So very cool. Well terrific. So awesome. So what makes Todd unique guys is that a lot of people come into the program and they know very little about wholesaling or real estate investing in general, which I think is a great thing. I think it’s a huge benefit. So when Todd came in, we really had a kind of go through that wholesaling is very unique. It’s really the art of consistently finding discounted deals and how he had to kind of forget a lot about what he knew about rehabbing and all of the other kinds of experience he’s had. So Todd, before we go into the details, can you kind of take us through what that journey was like for you? What did that look like? How did you put it to the side? And take us through your step by step on when you first came in and some of the conversations I know you and I had.

Todd Durand: Well, initially when I had the first call with Tom, I was explaining that I was kind of looking for another payment stream, another income streams looked at wholesaling and it was interesting. I think it was kind of a challenge in faith because if there’s anybody out there that has a full time job where the income’s coming in, it’s pretty steady and you’re nervous to kind of disrupt that in order to pick up more income someplace else. Sometimes you don’t really know how to proceed. I kind of went through the same thing. With the rehab projects, we had income coming in and I didn’t really want to disrupt that. I was kind of nervous, but I wanted to pursue this other thing called wholesaling because just like many jobs that people have, maybe isn’t cracked up to everything that they’re used to. So anyways, so I had to go through that same struggle. It was a kind of different.

Tom Krol: Yeah. One thing that we always say to people when they come in, it’s kind of forget everything you know about real estate investing. Wholesaling is completely unique. Our coaching is really more just instruction base. It’s Mr Miyagi, Daniel’s son, we’re kind of a little bit, we’re nice on the podcast, but when you come into the tribe, we’re kind of like, hey, we don’t care what you think, you know about wholesaling, we don’t care what you want to know about wholesaling, just do, we’re going to tell you what to do. You’re going to run it by a real estate attorney and then you’re going to do it. And the education comes after the implementation. So I was really excited to hear when Todd came in and we would say like, “Hey, go on Craigslist and practice a script.” And he would do it because a lot of people, when they have experience, they don’t want to do that.
They don’t want to do the kind of the scrappy, gritty things that really get results because they feel like they’re already had success. So it’s been awesome to do that. So, all right, let’s get down into the meat and potatoes of what people want to know, which is how the heck did you produce such a large amount of revenue in such a short amount of time? So what has specifically, what does that look like? And I should tell everybody, you guys, Todd is actually a real estate agent in South Florida. Are you the broker, are you?

Todd Durand: Yeah. Licensed agent? I don’t really act as a normal realtor but have my license in case I want to sell one of my properties.

Tom Krol: Awesome. So that you guys is important to know. But yeah, take us through like what were some of those initial deals? How did you find them? And I’m going to to just kind of interrupt you if you say anything that I think our listeners won’t really understand how to replicate. I’ll just kind of pick your brain on those if you don’t mind. But yeah. So how did that start?

Todd Durand: Well, I’m going to start back from our first conversation. When Tom and I first talked, one of the things that really came out for me is the system is the secret. And the reason I picked up the phone to call Tom is because I knew he’s perfected the system. I knew he had been successful in wholesaling himself. Not only has he been successful, he’s actually helped Cody and now a number of other people. So I was really interested in that system. So if there’s a banner to anything I was, for the reason I got involved with Tom is the secret is the system and the system is the secret. So what I wanted to do is I wanted to follow Tom’s program step-by-step. So once we, I think we got started, we had our first conversation in April of this past year. And then in May, like mid-May I think is when I first started the program.
And so I got involved in, when I started the program, I made a conscious decision that, with Tom’s prompting is not to bypass the simple modules. Okay? So if there is something simple in the program saying, hey, you know what, why don’t you practice the script on Craigslist? So I put pause, push pause and I didn’t go onto the next step until I had, I think we had like 500 calls in Craigslist going through there and practicing the script. So even though I felt comfortable with this group, I became comfortable relatively quickly. I just continued to maintain that.

Tom Krol: And I just want to interrupt you there for a second time because I want everybody to really hear this. This is so key that I really want you guys to hear what Todd’s saying. It’s that this is exactly how I learned from Todd Toback my brother, is that he would tell me what to do and no matter how insignificant I thought it was or whether I thought it was important or not, I kind of put my ego to the side and I just did what he told me to do. That is so key. By the way, I want to mention Todd, it’s pretty funny. You might not know this, but I have this crazy ability to remember every single conversation I’ve ever had with a student where I was, and I will tell you that I remember exactly. I was standing under a tree in an Egyptian restaurant in Stuart that I go to.
My wife and I, she likes this Egyptian food and there’s one, you probably know where that is Todd, it’s over on off US one, there’s a little Egyptian place there. But there’s an Egyptian restaurant, I remember having this exact conversation with Todd. By the way, any student, whoever wants to call me, I can tell you exactly where I want to have the conversation, which is pretty weird, but it really is paramount. What Todd is saying is that even though he’s an expert in real estate, he knows how to make money. He took the time to go and learn the script specific to wholesaling by practicing it on Craigslist, and I can’t tell you how many experts come into our program and what they really want to do is just kind of take pearls of wisdom, like they want the contract, they want the postcard. They want the CRM or whatever it is, but it’s really, that’s not where the magic is. The magic is in the step-by-step learning those pieces. So I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I just wanted to make a point that what you’re saying is so key to success.

Todd Durand: No, I agree that the system is a secret. So when I got involved in the system, I wanted to start with step one, master that before. And another example is like when we were pulling code violation lists, if the code violation list was mentioned or in the program. I stopped push pause and then spent the time to get a code violation, tax violation. It took me a little longer to get the tax leads and stuff like that. But I didn’t stop. I just went ahead and, or I did stop when I needed to until that task was completed. I didn’t want to rush through the modules and listen to them and then pile up all those things that I needed to do. I kind of used that as a checklist. So before I completed the fifth step, I made sure step number one through four were complete. So anyway, so I went ahead and just followed the program.
And then I knew when it came time to marketing, to market for properties, I knew I didn’t want to go small, I didn’t want to trickle things out. So what I ended up doing is compiling a bunch of lists together and I came up with just over, I think it was like 24,000 leads or records on my first list. I think after it went through the mail house, it was a little over 20,000 postcards. So we just blasted that out over the course of, I think four droppings, with that the phone started to ring and it was great and it was crazy. It was crazy because I couldn’t handle all leads, but I did it intentionally because I wanted to kind of stress test what I could do and what we couldn’t do.
So it really revealed the problems that we had and the areas we needed to really to step back. And there were some leads that we couldn’t follow up for like a week because we didn’t have the time. We could evaluate the properties but I identified all the issues with our internal systems that we needed to kind of streamline and improve upon. So I did that on purpose, I do that.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. I mean it’s so funny. So to your first point, one thing that we learned, I had a, well there’s a coach in the industry and he gave us this tip about, how do you, your one thing that we do is we don’t just put people in the course and then we just open up the whole course. We used to have people, like they would say, well I did the whole course and I didn’t get a deal and it was like day three, right? We’re like you went through the whole course of three days? So what we do now is we drip feed it out. So it’s very slow. It comes out one module, exactly what to do that day. And then it kind of goes from there. So that’s kind of what Todd is referring to.
But the other thing I love that you did too is you went big. I think that that is so key because here is the bottom line. No one can guarantee any results, right? You can do exactly what everybody tells you to do or what we tell you to do. And you could get no results. Right? But if you’re going to be in it, it’s better to die by the sword than by a thousand needles. Right. So I love the fact that you took it, you called it a stress test, which I love, which is you just kind of went big. So it was 24,000 pieces. Was that your first mailing?

Todd Durand: We had 24,000 names. Then after it went through the mail house, they had some bad addresses and they, whatever the process they follow, I’m not really sure what it is, but they knocked it down to about 20,000 and some change.

Tom Krol: Okay. So 20,000 pieces, that is huge. Now, do you remember how many phone calls you got total off of that?

Todd Durand: Like 325 okay, no, I think it was 235.

Tom Krol: 235 Divided by 20,000 is going to equal 0.01 so that’s times a hundred is going to equal. Yeah, so you’re exactly what you should about. You’re about at a one and a quarter percent response rate. So that’s about right. Yeah, for South Florida, there you go. That’s actually a little high, so that’s good. That’s probably because you’re further North in Miami and Miami would probably be a little bit lower. But you guys, that kind of gives you a little idea. If you’re listening right now, if you’re taking notes and you’re like, hey, I want to do what Todd did, he went big. Now here’s the thing. I notice you said code violation, tax delinquent, and you did some other stuff. But on that first mailing on those 20,000 pieces, what list did you send out so that anybody who wants to replicate your list?

Todd Durand: I actually went through the training and grabbed all the lists. So I had a tax violate or a tax delinquent list, code violation, I had accumulated through some research about two maybe 2,500 probate deals. And then the where I got the most numbers from was the unknown equity.

Tom Krol: Okay, so let’s slow this down for everybody so that everybody can repeat exactly what you did. So what Todd is, he went through our course and he pulled out, it sounds like all of the lists, but for the most important list, the one he mentioned was code violation. So code violations guys just means that in your County, township, municipality, city, whatever, there are people who leave a boat on the front lawn, their fence falls over, their grass is high, they have a hole in the roof or a blue tarp or whatever. They’re getting a violation for this from the city, from code enforcement because there’s something wrong with the house. That’s usually an indication of some motivation to want to sell the house quickly for cash. The other is a list of tax delinquent. These are people who have not paid their taxes. We’d like to see a minimum of two years, but you can go longer than that.
And then the unknown equity is a brand new list. This list was, we’re always testing new lists and adding the best list to the course. We test it and then we test it with a small group of VIP clients and then we send it out to everybody. This list was new for us. It’s called unknown equity in list source. By the way, when you come into the tribe, there is a discount for list source. You only pay 3 cents a name, which is tremendous. So there’s a category called unknown equity, meaning that they don’t know how much equity there is. Equity just means how much is the house the difference between what they owe and how much the house is worth. So if the house is worth 100,000 and the houses is, they owe 70 on the mortgage, that would be $30,000 in equity. In this case, they don’t know how much equity is in it. So it’s usually excluded from the list.
This list was brought to our attention by Alex Youngblood of wholesaling houses full time. And my mentor brother Todd Toback, who is my stepbrother. That’s why we have different last names and it was brought to our attention by those two guys. It absolutely kills. It is one of the best lists available. It’s smoking hot. It’s awesome. We love it. And there was one other list, so it was tax delinquent code violations, unknown equity, and what was the other one?

Todd Durand: Probate.

Tom Krol: And probate. So probate’s a little bit complicated. I don’t even really know what what it means. It just means that the house is in a state of probate because usually somebody passed away. I don’t know what it means, but I will tell you this, and Todd, you don’t know this shit, but we have a lady that I just came back from Collective Genius. I was honored to be invited to Collective Genius guys, that’s an awesome organization. I got an invitation from Jason Medley and while I was there, I met a probate beast. This lady who is going to be, we’re testing her stuff as we speak right now, so as soon as we get back, I will give you guys an awesome resource for probate. But probate is just another list that we recommend, but that’s going to be, anyway, we’ll get more into that. I don’t want to confuse everybody, but probate is another great list. So 20,000 pieces. Awesome. Phenomenal. 1.17 response rate and the conversion rate obviously was pretty high. Did you meet with most of your sellers? Did you have most of these deals over the phone?

Todd Durand: Every one of them I met face to face. Yeah.

Tom Krol: That’s, yeah, belly to belly guys. That’s absolutely face to face is the key. That’s the way to do it. So any challenges when you first started or was it pretty much, black and white, just they were, what were some of the reasons?

Todd Durand: It was pretty black and white. I mean just there was a lot of the stuff, like one of those things that you said on the first call, Tom is, don’t call me about, to ask me what questions. And I use the analogy my, I have a 17 year old son, super sharp, super dark. Whenever I tell him to do something he has like a million questions, what happens if it rains? What happens if this and that? So we had a conversation like that at a time to time. So at times I didn’t want to come back with any questions so I kind of struggled through some of the stuff that I wasn’t really sure and I wanted to over execute. So like the great example of that is the tax delinquent list. You really have to dig to get some of those lists. And I tried to do a little bit more, I mean, in reality, one of the things when I got started and I said, okay, I’m going to do everything I can to be a success with this program. So if it doesn’t work then it’s got to be Toms fault.

Tom Krol: Right, yeah. Perfect. I love it.

Todd Durand: So that was kind of the mentality, and that Tom, obviously one of your tag words is progress not perfection. So I just started applying massive action to it. So I didn’t really get discouraged because I knew it was a process and it took, you can tell from the dates. We started in May and it took a couple months to get everything kind of prep for the mail. But once the mail were hit, I think six of the deals came from the mailer and one of them came off the Craigslist calls from all reading.

Tom Krol: I love the fact that one of the, because first of all, everybody always says you can’t get deals off of Craigslist. Right. So that’s number one, which I love it. And then number two is that it really shows that people, a lot of times when they have a lot of experience, they’ll say, well, why am I on Craigslist? I already know how to do deals. So the three reasons we give is because number one, we want you to find real estate investors in your area. Number two, is that we want you to, and this is the primary reason, learn the script, right? We want you to learn it backwards and forwards and know all the different questions in order. It’s a very short script so it’s easy to do. But number three is that you might actually find a deal that doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. So I’m glad to hear you found a deal on Craigslist. That’s insane. Was it for sale by owner?

Todd Durand: Yeah, it was for sale by owner. It was a realtor of all people that had a condo that her cousin owned up in Connecticut and cousin just told the realtor to do it. So she just said, hey, on the weekend, she just wanted to put it out on Craigslist before she put it on MLS. So I caught it and I met her at the property and I think she originally wanted one price. I got her down a 25% offer first price. As much as I could on the phone, and then when I met her face to face, we got it on a little more and then we ended up closing on it to what, two, three weeks later after that,

Tom Krol: I got to ask, how did you get the price down? Because I’m sure everybody’s like, well, wait a second. I don’t know how he did that. So can you give anybody any tactics on that?

Todd Durand: I followed the script.

Tom Krol: I like it.

Todd Durand: For those who don’t know the script is really the way Tom put together is I love it because as I’m talking to people on the phone and talking to sellers, you can hear the mental gymnastics that they’re going through. Because obviously when they put an ad out in the paper or the first call, they kind of know what they want to get for the property. And I think in their heart they know that in most cases that’s not realistic. They just hope for that. So that’s always, their first number’s always their starter and that’s why you try to get their first number out because that’s where the negotiations really start. And then as you ask them targeted questions, they kind of evaluate and it kind of brings home to them what the real value is.
And then once you identify the why or the reason why they’re selling and the pain of why they want to get rid of the property, they realize that, you know what? I could either wait three, four, six, eight months to sell the property and go through a bunch of showings and the hassle and stuff like that and wait to get a little bit more. Or I can take a discounted price for convenience and speed.

Tom Krol: Oh, I love it. Yeah, I mean I could tell you went through the course brother. It’s awesome.

Todd Durand: So what happens is that that’s what we do. So the first question they threw out the number and just by asking them questions they go down and then by asking them the bullet point question is that the best you can do? And ask it in a quint and quizzical fashion, bet it always comes down. And then when you’re walking through the property, I usually ask what everybody that I’m talking to, what repairs need to be done and we kind of walk through that. So I have a sheet that I take when I meet them at the property and it basically says everything they told me that was wrong with the property and we kind of come to a, not affirmed number but they kind of know about what I’m going to pay for it off the phone call or pretty close. And then when I get to the house and I realize that the roof is 28 years old and there’s all kinds of craziness going on, then the price comes down and they realize it’s a fair deal.

Tom Krol: I mean Todd has touched on so many different points. Let me just kind of just one thing. I mean first of all you guys, just so everybody knows this, right? This is the most important thing. Just I can tell you right now what Todd’s answer is going to be, Todd, who gives the price for the house first, you are the seller?

Todd Durand: Seller.

Tom Krol: You guys, that is so key. If that’s the only takeaway you get from this whole conversation, that is absolutely golden. So there’s a lot of things that he just kind of went over quickly. But knowing the scripts, building rapport, making it about the situation and not about the house is key. And then what he also said was he used the word speed and convenience. So what that comes down to is every homeowner in the whole country, you can only have two. When you go to sell your house, you only get two of the three options. It’s speed, convenience, and price. You can only have two of the three. The only people we want to buy houses from are the people who want speed and convenience at the sacrifice of price. We don’t want the people who want price and convenience and we don’t want the people who want price and speed. We want the people who want speed and convenience, that’s a sacrifice of price.
So that’s kind of where that comes from. And it’s absolutely true because if you can really get that concept, you understand that what we do is we’re never trying to convince somebody to sell at a low number because that’s not possible. It’s a long battle. And you don’t want to do that. You want to be a filter. You want to find the people who are willing to sell at a discounted price for the speed and the convenience of the sale. And if you can get that and understand that you’re never going to be able to convince anybody to sell their house at discount. If they either are or they are not, that will cut down through all the fat, save you a ton of time and get you more deals more quickly. So awesome brother. I love it. I mean that’s awesome. So obviously you guys, Todd is totally vetted. He’s made a tremendous amount of money in a very short amount of time. It’s really incredible.
Let me ask you this, Todd. Partying words of advice, books, resources. I know you’re a tribe member so you don’t have to do an endorsement for the tribe. I think everybody knows you’re tribe member. That’s awesome. But outside of the tribe and Wholesaling Inc, what would you say are some of the things that really when you are stuck, when you are doubting yourself, when you were stuck, not wanting to move forward or you weren’t sure how. Any books or resources or kind of, what got you through those moments?

Todd Durand: Well for me, I mean my faith comes into play. So all business books or a lot of the business books are all based on the Bible. So that’s kind of a source of strength and energy and focus for me. Four Spiritual Laws, as you mentioned, Tom, that’s an awesome book. There’s these and nothing else comes to mind. But I think when you’re stuck, everybody goes through this. Even when times are good or times are bad, we always come across challenges. The one thing that I realize is the problem doesn’t start and end with me. If I come in front of a challenge, there’s always some faith that I can grasp to that’s higher than that. So I guess for those that are listening, life’s about challenges and we all come across it in varying degrees, varying times. And the question is, what are you going to do about it? I mean, you can either recoil from it and not do anything or you can just figure out a way to get around or get through it.
And you don’t have to rely on your own strength or knowledge or anything like that. You can reach out, like with the tribe you can reach out to Tom, you can reach out to any of the other tribe members. I know this is going out to other people that are not in the tribe, but I mean there’s always sources of knowledge, but just be careful where you get your knowledge from and just make sure it’s a qualified source. And that’s one of the reasons I called you up, Tom. I knew you were doing and I knew you were the real deal and I didn’t hop on YouTube to figure out who the experts were with wholesaling. I wanted to go to a source that I knew had the information, the knowledge, the skill, experience, everything that I needed. And as I mentioned, early on, the system is a secret. So when I got involved in the tribe, I knew there was blind spots that I had that I maybe needed to overcome or needed assistance.
And I knew by tapping into that source or that system, it would fill in the gaps. And any time there was a gap that I needed to be closed a little bit more, I could go to the tribe, call Tom up. We could get it figured out together. So I wasn’t in by myself.

Tom Krol: I love that. Yeah, I mean, and it’s true. I mean, so the book, I’m sure anybody who’s listened to any of other podcasts from us knows that the book that Todd is talking about is called The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines. And of course the Bible guys. I mean, that’s the key. I mean, start with any of the four gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John or Proverbs. Proverbs is a great business book. I mean that should be just republished as a business book. So, but yeah, and The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, there’s four of them. The number one is tithing. And I will tell you, I attribute the majority of my success to tithing, it works. It’s absolute. And as far as from a faith perspective, if you’re at all doubting, this is the one area, this is not a religious podcast, but it is the one area in the Bible where God says, test me on this one thing. It’s the one thing that doesn’t require faith. Just test me on it. So I strongly suggest that you guys check that out, but awesome. Okay, terrific.
So Todd, I appreciate it. You’re a wealth of knowledge. I know you’re going to have even more massive success. Todd is going to be in Orlando for all the tribe members, we have an event just for tribe members. It is going to be Orlando, January 25th 26th and 27th, my team is going to kill me for dating this podcast because they hate when I put out a date. It’s okay. So it’s January 25th sixth and seventh in 2018 so it’s coming up very quick here. So if you are a tribe member, get in the form, there is a link there. We’ve reduced the number of people, last year in Salt Lake City we are at 200 this year. We’re only going to allow 150 to keep it nice and intimate. Obviously nothing is for sale there. There’s only rhinos helping rhinos, we’re all going to get in there and make more deals. So Todd has been also spending the day with you. Hold on, I got to ring the victory bell for you for all that revenue in such a short amount time. Hold on one second. Let’s see.

Todd Durand: Awesome. I’ve been waiting for that Tom. I appreciate it.

Tom Krol: Absolutely brother.

Todd Durand: It’s been a pleasure and an honor. I appreciate your time.

Tom Krol: God bless. I’m honored to be on this journey with you. So have a great day. And we will talk to you soon.

Todd Durand: Okay, sounds good. Thanks Tom.

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