Episode 113: Discover the Step-by-Step Program You Need for Wholesaling Success

Todd Durand is a bold South Florida native who started his real estate journey in 2010. Now, he is on his way to earning a total of $131,000 in just 5 months!  What’s interesting about Todd’s story is he made a tremendous amount of money in such a short time by almost forgetting everything he thought he knew about real estate.

The Deal:

In his search for another lucrative source of income, Todd decided to give wholesaling a try. While he makes chasing deals look easy as a real estate agent, he knew his knowledge and expertise in the industry wasn’t enough if he wanted to make it big in the wholesaling world. So he joined the tribe and religiously adhered to the wholesaling system and it has proven to be one of the best investments he has ever made!

  • No matter how simple or trivial the information, Todd never bypassed any of the modules taught in the wholesaling system. He made sure he accomplished everything before moving on to the next step. In other words, he believed so much in the power of the system that he followed it step-by-step!
  • When it was time to send out mail, he went big. He sent out mail to more than 20,000 leads. His daring move paid off big time as the response rate has been nothing less than impressive — 235 phone calls!
  • He understood the principle that motivated sellers are looking for speed and convenience at the sacrifice of price.

Todd’s willingness to learn and his belief in the wholesaling system have made his wholesaling journey smooth sailing and inspiring, to say the least. Follow his lead and you might be the next wholesaling success story!


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