Episode 111: Closing Deals Easily through Building Relationships

Lee Taylor joined the tribe February of this year and since then has made the big decision to “burn the boats” and become a full-time real estate wholesaler. Interestingly, the decision wasn’t because he had already done a ton of deals. It was more about the possibilities he saw with real estate wholesaling right out of the gate! Through the skills he had acquired (and was already implementing) and with the support of the community, he was confident enough to make the jump! 

Tip of the Day

You’ve got to take action! Get uncomfortable and go out and take MASSIVE ACTION!

The Deal

This deal has been remarkable for Lee because he didn’t just make money…he learned the importance building a relationship with the seller!

  • Lee started with direct mail postcards.
  • Lee split his mailing up 2,000 to 4,000 a week over the course of six weeks and used Callrail for his messages.
  • When talking to this particular owner of a property Lee found out that:
    • She lived out of state
    • Her property was vacant
    • It was in a very rental-friendly location
  • Lee evaluated the property, made an offer and negotiated with the owner.
  • He closed the deal over the phone but the key to winning this deal was establishing a relationship of trust with the seller.

Now that Lee has jumped full time into wholesaling, he’s excited for what the future holds. He knows that besides consistent marketing, building your buyers list, and building rapport with pretty much everyone you meet, the key element to success in this business is…taking action!


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