Episode 109: Leveraging Virtual Assistants to Build Lists, Find Leads, & Talk to People

Nana Nyarko attended the Investor Grit Salt Lake meetup, where we talked a lot about Talking To People. Nana didn’t just listen to this advice – she took action on it, and it’s already helping her close deals.


Brent’s Business Book Challenge

Do you want a successful business that gives you the freedom to live the life you want?

Well, there is one commonality between almost every successful business person: they read a lot of books.

This practice has really helped us out and we think it will help you too, so we want to challenge you to take action today:

  1. Buy the physical books you want to read
  2. Schedule a time to read at least 10 pages every day (it’s a small number of pages, but the habit will have a big impact)
  3. Highlight the most interesting or important parts


You can find a ton of book suggestions in the Investor Grit Facebook Group, and in the resources from previous podcast episodes.


The Deal

  • Nana found this property via the county’s tax delinquent list, and she was able to find it online after some digging.
  • Nana hired someone who used LexisNexis to skip trace the phone numbers associated with each property.
  • Using Mojo Dialer, Nana’s VA cold called numbers and followed the TTP script.
  • Nana found her VA through a Craigslist ad, and the VA is cold calling people 8-12 hours a week. She enters important info into a web form, then it’s imported into Podio.
  • When talking to this particular property owner, Nana’s VA found out that he A) recently had health problems and B) had negative memories associated with the property. It was a really hot lead, so she contacted Nana directly.
  • After she had the property under contract, Nana texted her extensive list of buyers using CallFire.
  • Nana put the property under contract for $120k and sold it for $140k. After a realtor’s commission, Nana made $15,000!




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