Posted on: October 23, 2017

Martine Jackson is a Rockstar Rhino who’s doing incredibly well in Richmond, VA, and she truly understands what it means to go out there and TTP, or Talk To People. Martine isn’t cold calling – she uses a combination of mailers and Facebook messaging to find deals, at a lot less cost.

In this episode, we break down some of her exciting deals, and then we explore how she sets her mindset and her goals.


Earl Nightingale & Setting Goals

Brent wants to share an incredible resource he found about goal setting: a recording of Earl Nightingale speaking titled “The Strangest Secret.” In this recording, Earl Nightingale talks about why people with goals succeed because they know where they are going.



The Deal

  • Martine does most of her marketing through direct mail and social media. Her goal is to send 25,000 mailers every month, and the social media proof reminds people of her business and how she helps people. The best part? Sharing things about the business and talking to people on social media costs nothing but her time and attention, and it’s already brought in leads.
  • In this deal, Martine found the lead using a combination of both, or “direct mail with a twist.” She sent out a postcard and got return mail. Using Facebook, she looked up the person it was not delivered to and sent a private message.
  • People don’t always respond, which is okay, but In this case, the person responded and did want to sell their house. No one has ever thought they were a scam or creepy – partly because they can look at her Business page and see she is legit.
  • Martine went out to talk to the property owner, they liked her, and they wanted to put the house under contract.
  • She closed the property for $40,000!!




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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Hello again Rhino nation. This is Brent Daniels and I am excited again to be on this podcast, speaking to all you guys. I’ve had really, really, really great responses from a lot of the listeners out there, a lot of the Rhino tribe and I want to thank you so, so much.
Now to start this podcast, I want to start this podcast a little bit different. This podcast I want to start out talking about, it was an old voice recording by Earl Nightingale that was turned into a YouTube, and I highly suggest that you guys go check it out. Earl Nightingale, it’s called “The Strangest Secret.” And in that, Earl Nightingale talks about setting goals. It is all about writing down your goals so that you create a roadmap for where you want to go. He says that people with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. And I think that is so, so powerful.
And it is my pleasure to introduce Rhino tribe member that has been just doing amazing, amazing business in Richmond, Virginia. And she is going to, not only break down some exciting deals that she’s currently doing to give you value in real life, real time, but also talk about the way that she sets her mindset and her goals. Which, I think is absolutely critical in this business. So Martine Jackson, say hello to everybody out there.

Martine Jackson: Hello everybody out there.

Brent Daniels: I love it. I love all the enthusiasm. That’s absolutely incredible. So Martine, you have been on the podcast before. We have really, really loyal listeners, so I’m sure a lot of people will recognize your enthusiasm, your voice. Tell us what’s gone on since the last time you were on. I think it was what, six months ago? Four months ago? Four to six months ago?

Martine Jackson: It was almost a year ago actually, that I was on. And the last time I was on, is when I first got fired from my job. So, I was like, I’m going all in for wholesaling. So it’s been about a year that I’ve been doing it full time now.

Brent Daniels: Excellent. So tell us, break down your business a little bit for us, kind of give us the mix of what you do, marketing wise and how you are finding your deals currently. It could be a mixture of things, things that you specifically want to talk about. I mean, just kind of open it up and, and free flow for us.

Martine Jackson: Okay, cool. So, our bread and butter is direct mail. That’s how I started. And we’re pretty consistent with sending out direct mail. I’ve also started posting a lot on Facebook so people know what I do. So, it kind of gives us credibility. Like if we have a Hoover Homes, LLC, page, the name of my company, and we have a Facebook page that we post on it all the time talking about, “We buy houses”, the types of situations that we can fix. So, it helps us establish a little bit of credibility if somebody is going to Google search. I’ve been getting people to Google it like in different states and when they type in Hoover Homes LLC, my Facebook page comes up because we’re so active on there. It’s been mostly direct mail and then just a word of mouth.

Brent Daniels: So when you talk about, and by the way, that’s fantastic. I think that everybody out there, take what Martine is saying about the Facebook and the social media. Being on there, being consistent, posting, letting people know what you do and that you’re there to buy houses and that you’re available and with your contact information.
And it definitely gives you credibility. The more that people see you, the more that you’re out there, the more that you’re showing what you’re doing, that all of a sudden, that starts sticking people’s radars up. And when they hear somebody talking about wanting to sell a home or a really beat up house or something that just, you know, somebody needs to get cash fast for their property, all of a sudden they start thinking about you. Right? I mean is that kind of how it’s going?

Martine Jackson: That’s how it’s been going.

Brent Daniels: That’s awesome. So, let’s go back real quick. Direct mail. How much do you send?

Martine Jackson: Okay, so earlier this year before we had our conference in, it was April I believe, that I was in Utah. So, earlier I was going on kind of like a roller coaster. Like I would get deals and then it would kind of stagger off a little bit and then I’d get deals, and then I’d go down a little bit. So I talked to Tom about it and he was saying that I needed to sit and get my mail up to 20,000 to 25,000 a month. The most I’ve done so far in a month is 18,000 but I’m still trying to reach the goal of 20 to 25,000 a month.

Brent Daniels: Now in Richmond, when you send out 18,000 mailers, how is the response? Are you just buried in calls? Do they kind of come in sporadically? Tell us kind of the response rate?

Martine Jackson: Yeah. Well, it depends on which mail piece I use. The biggest mail piece that I’ve sent, at one time, was like 13,000 and that was a decent response rate, but it seems like my response rate was bigger when I sent out less mail, to be honest.

Brent Daniels: Got it. So do you switch it between postcards and letters?

Martine Jackson: No, I only do postcards, but sometimes I change what the postcard says.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Got it. Have you seen any major differences in the response or more importantly in the deals that you actually get with either card?

Martine Jackson: Yes. I’ve noticed that one card, the response is lower, but the people that come in, it’s kind of staggered. But when they call in, they’re ready. And then I have one that the response rate is really high, but we kind of have to find the goal. We have to call a lot of people, and they’re like, “No, I don’t want to sell.” But eventually we get someone that wants to sell. So it just, I guess, different types of people that call in depending on which card was sent.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Gotcha. And who takes the calls? Do you have, when somebody calls you, does it go straight to a voicemail? Does it go live to you? Does it go live to maybe an acquisition manager? Who do the calls, when they come in, who does it go to?

Martine Jackson: It goes straight to a voicemail. And then I have my VA scrape the voicemail because it goes directly into Podio. And she’ll put what they, what the message said, if they left a message, if they didn’t leave a message, she’ll put no voicemail and the Acquisition Managers call them back.

Brent Daniels: Do you have kind of a standard on how quickly you want to get back to those people? Do you let them sit for a little bit? Do you get back to them right away? I mean having your VA go through all the voicemails, there’s got to be a little bit of lag time there. What’s kind of typical and ideal in your business?

Martine Jackson: We typically get back with them the same day. It’s not like within 30 minutes or anything like that, but we typically get back with them the same day. Typically, my Acquisition Managers call in the evening. Sometimes they call earlier, but we’ve noticed that more people answer the phone when we call them later in the day.

Brent Daniels: Awesome. Love it. And then what do you, I know because I’m Facebook friends with you, but what do you post? And people out there that aren’t… You definitely should go request her, friend request her. But what do you post on Facebook that is, you know, is really drawing people to you?

Martine Jackson: Well, we’re always talking about buying houses.

Brent Daniels: I know it, I know it.

Martine Jackson: Sometimes we post funny things, sometimes we post inspirational things, but it always says something about buying houses.

Brent Daniels: Always buying? Do you ever put about selling houses or just strictly buying?

Martine Jackson: Strictly buying.

Brent Daniels: I love that. I really, really do. I, you know, I think that it’s a consistent message on there. Talking about you buying properties, I think is so much more powerful than, trying to do both and putting your deals on there and trying to sell it through Facebook. I don’t know, that’s my own opinion, but I really respect what you’re doing there.
So, let’s do this Martine. Let’s break down. I know that you’ve got some [inaudible 00:08:54] in your pipeline right now. I’ve been talking a lot about the pipeline on these podcasts and I think it’s really, really important for consistency. To make sure that new people, you’re talking to new people every single day. Coming in and reaching out to you and building up that pipeline leads. Tell us about some of the deals that you’re doing now. Do you have a couple, one or two deals, that really stick out in your mind that you think, you know, breaking them down, would bring value to this podcast?

Martine Jackson: Of course.

Brent Daniels: Okay.

Martine Jackson: I have one, you want one that is in closing are already closed?

Brent Daniels: Let’s go one of each.

Martine Jackson: Okay. All right. I have one that is in closing right now. The assignment fee on this one is 20 K and we actually got the bio through a realtor.

Brent Daniels: Really? Okay, excellent. And how did you find this deal?

Martine Jackson: This one, it was a guy that, he’s interested in getting wholesaling but he’s in another market though. And he saw my messages on Facebook-

Brent Daniels: Okay.

Martine Jackson: About this, and he probably heard the podcast too that I did last year. He sent it to me. He was like, it just so happens, somebody in his family, they needed to sell the house because someone passed away and the person that lived in the house could no longer afford the mortgage. So, he sent it to me and I’m pretty much, I have been showing, walking him through the deal so he can do it on his own.

Brent Daniels: So wait, wait, wait, wait. So, somebody saw your Facebook post, reached out to you with their family members inherited property?

Martine Jackson: Yep.

Brent Daniels: Oh my gosh. And they weren’t even in the state? They were out of state? They just found you because you’ve been so active and so vocal on social media that they found you, they reached out to you and you’ve got a $20,000 deal?

Martine Jackson: That’s correct.

Brent Daniels: Now let me ask you, all these Facebook posts, how much does it cost you per post?

Martine Jackson: Well, my VA does them. So, whenever she gets a chance, she throws them up there.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Is it $20,000 a month? Is it $10,000 a month? $5,000 a month?

Martine Jackson: No! Nowhere near that.

Brent Daniels: Okay. Yeah, exactly. So. What is your… what do you think would be your return on posting to, on, social media so far? You’ve made 20,000, right? And it’s costing what? How much does it cost you? Really?

Martine Jackson: Nothing. Because I mean, I was going to pay [inaudible 00:11:31] to do something else. So, I mean, it’s like an infinite return. It’s, what do you have lose?

Brent Daniels: And something that I really want to point out, Martine, is I think people start out and they say, “You know what? I know it’s a good idea to post on social media. I’m going to start doing it. I’m going to start doing it.” And they do a couple posts and then they do a few posts and then all of a sudden it starts dwindling. Now with you, you started doing a couple posts, a few posts, a lot of posts, making a commitment to it and now it’s really paying off. I mean it really is. You are so confident. You are so confident that when somebody reaches out to you, one, you’re going to absolutely respond and communicate with them. And two, you can help those people out. You know, if you have those two, I mean with those two confidences you can post all day long.
I mean, if it makes people mad, that’s okay. You know, it’s the people that want to reach out because they know that you’re serious about it and that you’re confident that you can help them out. And I think that that is so powerful. I really do. You’ve inspired me to do a lot more. You really have. I’m going to have my whole team do it. That’s it. You’ve changed it.

Martine Jackson: Yes, very smart.

Brent Daniels: Yes, I love it. So, okay, so that’s a deal that you’ve got pending right now. And when does that close?

Martine Jackson: Well, it’s in the process of closing, so any day now.

Brent Daniels: Okay, great. And then, let’s talk about one that has already closed. So tell me about that.

Martine Jackson: Okay. So, this one was through, well it was through direct mail with the twist. We sent out the direct mail. We got our return mail, and for our return mail, what we do is we look up those people on Facebook to see can we reach out to them, to see, if they want to sell their house. And if they don’t want to sell it, they just don’t want to sell it. But we got one guy and he’s like, “Yeah I want to sell the house.” And so we went and we met with them. They really liked us. We’re really good at getting people to like us. So we went out there, they really liked us. And then we assigned it and that one closed and we got 40 K then.

Brent Daniels: $40,000?

Martine Jackson: $40,000.

Brent Daniels: So, so wait a second, let’s hold on. I need to catch my… Okay, so first of all, so you’ve mailed it, it came back as non delivered and you looked up this person’s name in Facebook and then just sent him a private message?

Martine Jackson: That’s right.

Brent Daniels: And he didn’t say, “What are you doing, you creeper? Why are you messaging me?” What did he say? I mean, how did, how does that go? I mean, listen, these things go through our minds when we’re thinking about it. We’re like, “Well maybe I could find this person on Facebook, but if I reach out to them, maybe they think I’m a stalker and then, it just gets uncomfortable.” So what, what did you say to him when you, when you sent the message?

Martine Jackson: Well actually, you know, when you sent us that cold call script that, you know, “I know this is out of the blue, but I wanted to know if you wanted to sell your house?”

Brent Daniels: Yeah, I love it.

Martine Jackson: So yeah, [inaudible 00:14:32] I mean we haven’t gotten anybody to say that we’re creepers. They’ll just say no because they see, like once we messaged them, they’ll look on my page, they’ll look on the Hoover Homes page and they’ll see that we post all the time. So they’re like, “Okay, this person’s a legit person trying to buy houses.” So, sometimes we get yeses and then sometimes we get “No, not interested in selling.” Which, is cool too.

Brent Daniels: That is so key.

Martine Jackson: [crosstalk 00:14:55] no creepers. We didn’t get that.

Brent Daniels: Well and I think the reason, I think a huge reason why that was so successful is because you’ve posted so much. You’ve got a strong Facebook page, business page of Hoover Homes and they can go there and see that you’re legit. And I think that’s absolutely huge. Everybody listening to this podcast, take action on this. Do this. Put together a business page, put together posts, start posting, start communicating with everybody out there. I don’t care how you feel about your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend from high school. Seeing you post stuff all the time about business and them hating on you because you’re using Facebook for business. That’s absolutely ridiculous. And that’s just immature. It really is. What I want you to do is take Martine’s lead here. A Facebook request or find out what she’s doing, see what she’s doing.
It’s so powerful. And then you can have the confidence to reach out to a complete stranger. Tell him that you’re reaching out completely out of the blue to see if they would consider an offer on their house and let them tell you no. What did you risk? Nothing. I mean, you can automate that with somebody, with a VA, or anything else. This doesn’t have to be you. It should be you, if you’re just starting out. But, I mean, just so incredible. I just, I’m fired up. I am fired up that you… Oh man, I’m writing this stuff down. I’m going to call my team after this. This is, this is great. I love this. So $40,000 that already closed. That’s in your account. Done and dusted.

Martine Jackson: Yep.

Brent Daniels: Oh my gosh. Okay. So here’s the deal, guys out there on the podcast, I don’t have a bell, but fortunately today Martine has a bell and it is loud. Martine, will you please ring that bell?
Yes. Oh my gosh. I absolutely love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. And Martine now, $40,000 deal. Now, what just general terms, what were you making in your past job? Yearly salary.

Martine Jackson: $50,000.

Brent Daniels: $50,000. So, with that deal, reaching out… Listen, I talk a lot about TTP and a lot of people understand that as cold calling. TTP is all about talking to people. I don’t care if you talk to people on the phone. I don’t care if you talk to them at their door. I don’t care if you talk to them when they call you back. I don’t care if you talk to them through Facebook, just talk to people. Okay. It is all about talking to people every single day. And you sent one private message and it was worth $40,000. I mean, that is just so incredible. I mean, it’s Martine, well done. I love it. I, I’m learning so much.

Martine Jackson: I’m so glad, at that Utah thing, you brought up TTP. It’s been my life’s motto, like TTP. If I’m scared, I just think in my head “TTP, I have to talk to people.”

Brent Daniels: That’s it.

Martine Jackson: So, I just go out and just, you know, I want to let him, “Hey, you got a house you want to sell?” Or “Hey, I buy houses,” and it works.

Brent Daniels: Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s just talking to as many people as you can and talking to new people all the time. So let’s go back to where we started at the beginning of this podcast. Let’s talk about you, and let’s talk about the direction your life has been going over the last year. And let’s talk about your goals. How do you look at your goals and how do you keep them in front of you? How do you achieve them?

Martine Jackson: Well, I read this, but when I first started doing this full time, I read this book called the “Miracle Morning” and he’s talking about how you should do your self improvement at the beginning of the day. And I also read it was a Grant Cardone book “Be Obsessed or Be Average.” And he talked about how he wrote his goals every single day for three years until he accomplished them. So, as a part of those two books in the morning for my writing, part of my miracle morning, I write my goals every morning and then I try to visualize them and fill it like I’ve already had it.

Brent Daniels: Unbelievable. Do you know that 92% of people have never written a goal down? 92%. I mean, I am telling you, how do you know where you’re going if you don’t have the goal, if you don’t have something that you’re striving to achieve. I mean, it is just so key. And I’m telling you, Martine, I write down my goals every single morning, every single day in a little planner. And it has absolutely changed my business life, my personal life, 120%, I mean, it has just been absolutely incredible. Every day I write down my goals and you just, you just start in the morning, you write them down and all of a sudden, your day has direction. And it’s just absolutely incredible. So, you mentioned something off air and I wanted to just mention it now. What was your affirmation? What was your goal that you had in your mind going into this year?

Martine Jackson: Okay, so one of them was, I told myself that I was going to get a 40 K deal. I said which law office I was going to pick it up from. Which was funny because I don’t typically do my deals through that law office, but I said that one in the affirmation. And I’m just talking about, “Oh I feel it feels so good to get this $40,000 deal from the law office that I got it from.” And I would just say it all the time and then it happened.

Brent Daniels: Of course, Of course. Absolutely. I mean that’s what you were focused on, what you were going for it. There was an end that you were looking for. There was that goal ahead of you and you were going for it and going for it and going for it. And then you got it and you got it at the law office that you wanted to pick up the check from.

Martine Jackson: Right. I couldn’t believe it because I was just so specific with it and it happened. When you write your goals down, especially the ones that I write down, they’re so far fetched. I’m like, “I don’t know how I’m going to hit this goal.” And just somehow like a lot of those goals I hit and I’m just like, “Oh my God, did I really do that?” So it’s just, it’s so valuable. Write down your goals and believe me, you already have it because it’s just like you’re sending a signal to the universe that, “Hey, already think I have it, give it to me.” And then it comes.

Brent Daniels: Absolutely love it. And I would challenge everybody listening to this, for the next 30 days, write down at least one goal every day. It doesn’t have to be different goals. It can be the same goal every day, but just write it down. Get in the habit of writing down a goal every day for 30 days. Just challenge yourself. I am telling you, it will absolutely change your life and you will have so much benefit from it and it takes 10 seconds a day. It is so powerful.
So, Martine, just to wrap this up, tell me, if you were to talk to somebody brand new, they’re eager, they’re excited, they’re full of energy and they’re ready to get into this business. What advice would you give them, as somebody that is just absolutely taking this and running, and doing incredible business and being a powerful business leader in your community?

Martine Jackson: Well, I think that you need to hit the ground running. How I learned was by listening to the podcast. So, I would listen to the podcast and then if something happened, like if he said, go do this, I would just go do it. And then I’ll be like, “Oh well that worked.” Or if it didn’t work, I would listen to that podcast again to see if it was anything I needed to tweak. But just getting some sort of direction and getting to hang around people that are already doing it.
That’s why I’m so happy that I’m in the tribe because… I meet up with the people in the DC area a lot. And a lot of them, they’re doing way more than I was doing and I would just hang around them and they’d give me tips about things. And just being around them made me want to be better. So, hanging around the right people and just, when you hear a tip, speed up implementation, do it now and then if that doesn’t work, figure out a better way to do it.

Brent Daniels: Love it, absolutely love it. And everybody, listen, listen to this podcast again. Make sure that you get the absolute keys that Martine is giving you to just get, like she was saying, “Hit the ground running and implement it. Take action. Don’t just listen to this podcast.” This podcast is not for education. This is instruction. This is about going and taking action. Okay, so re listen to it. Write down the action items. Take it seriously. Write down your goals for the next 30 days, every single morning. Facebook request Martine Jackson, because your life will be better for it. If you want extra coaching, if you want an extra mentoring, if you’re interested in learning more about talking to people, reach out to me at www.Wholesalinginc/ttp. We will set up a call and we will chat and it’ll be a great conversation. So, Martine, thank you so much again for being on the podcast. You bring so much value and I’m telling you, you’ve given me like four things to do today, so thank you so much.

Martine Jackson: Well, I want to say thank you! Because of you, I listened to the Go-Giver every week. Because of you, I do TTP. So, thank you Brent. I appreciate it.

Brent Daniels: My pleasure. Again, guys, until next time, thank you so much for listening and go out and take action.

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