Episode 103: How Facebook Helped this Rhino Close a $40k Deal

Martine Jackson is a Rockstar Rhino who’s doing incredibly well in Richmond, VA, and she truly understands what it means to go out there and TTP, or Talk To People. Martine isn’t cold calling – she uses a combination of mailers and Facebook messaging to find deals, at a lot less cost.

In this episode, we break down some of her exciting deals, and then we explore how she sets her mindset and her goals.


Earl Nightingale & Setting Goals

Brent wants to share an incredible resource he found about goal setting: a recording of Earl Nightingale speaking titled “The Strangest Secret.” In this recording, Earl Nightingale talks about why people with goals succeed because they know where they are going.



The Deal

  • Martine does most of her marketing through direct mail and social media. Her goal is to send 25,000 mailers every month, and the social media proof reminds people of her business and how she helps people. The best part? Sharing things about the business and talking to people on social media costs nothing but her time and attention, and it’s already brought in leads.
  • In this deal, Martine found the lead using a combination of both, or “direct mail with a twist.” She sent out a postcard and got return mail. Using Facebook, she looked up the person it was not delivered to and sent a private message.
  • People don’t always respond, which is okay, but In this case, the person responded and did want to sell their house. No one has ever thought they were a scam or creepy – partly because they can look at her Business page and see she is legit.
  • Martine went out to talk to the property owner, they liked her, and they wanted to put the house under contract.
  • She closed the property for $40,000!!




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