Episode 102: The (Underappreciated) Value of Kindness

We’re doing something a little different in this episode: highlighting the underappreciated value of bringing kindness to your community. If you bring kindness to every interaction you have during a transaction, people will bring kindness back to you, and it will go so much smoother.

Adam and Luke Swomley have had some mixed experiences in the real estate space, but they found a lot of success with Wholesaling – and they credit kindness for that success.


Sell Them With Kindness

After Adam and Luke’s business first started taking off, they hired an acquisitions manager. Unfortunately, their business actually started losing steam, and things started to get a little adversarial.

The culture of the business changed, and they didn’t generate any revenue for seven months.

Then they talked with Brent and Tom, and they essentially restarted their Wholesaling business in the Summer of 2017.

As they started re-building the business, they focused on only hiring people that fit the culture: kind, caring, and outgoing enough to talk to strangers. They dig a little deeper, too, and try to identify people who want to do more than just make money, can be trained easily, and are promotable in the future.

As a final filter, they trust their gut, and if anyone doesn’t trust the potential hire they don’t do it.

Now their business is better than ever, they have numerous (very kind) hires all around the country, and their pipeline is full.




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