Episode 1009: $240k In 6 Months – From Coffee Shop Worker To Wholesaling

WI 1009 | Wholesaling


Daniel Alvarez is living proof of the power making friends and talking to people can have. Having moved around his whole life, Daniel became comfortable in new environments and making new friends quickly. He joins Brent Daniels in studio today to talk about how these skills have helped him go from struggling coffee shop employee to profiting nearly a quarter million in wholesaling in his first few months. Daniel also talks about the inspirational goals that fuel his wholesaling like his youth ministry and community work.

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Show notes:

(0:45) – Beginning of today’s episode.

(1:40) – Daniel did a quarter million in his first 6 months. Here’s how he did it.

(5:02) – Daniel’s background and how it prepared him for real estate.

(11:40) – The importance of finding your motivation.

(14:19) – How Daniel closed his first deal for $90k.

(22:20) – Daniel’s inspirational long term goals.


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$240k In 6 Months – From Coffee Shop Worker To Wholesaling With Daniel Alvarez

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