Episode 1004: 50 Deals in His First 18 Months – How This Investor Did It

WI 1004 | Closing Your First Deal


For most new wholesalers, it’s normal to take a few months to close their first deal. Today’s guest, Jamison Williams, closed his in just three weeks. Since then, Jamison has been on a tear closing over 50 deals in 18 months. He joins Brent Daniels to talk about his journey, how he closed a deal in 3 weeks, and how he’s scaled his operations.

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Show notes:

  • (0:49) – Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:43) – Jamison’s background and start in real estate.
  • (3:37) – How Jameson closed a deal within 3 weeks.
  • (8:27) – The breakdown of Jameson’s first deal.
  • (13:15) – How to negotiate a $90k wholesale.
  • (18:02) – Jamison’s 5-year plan.



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50 Deals In His First 18 Months – How This Investor Did It With Jamison Williams

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