Posted on: July 28, 2022
WI 1004 | Closing Your First Deal


For most new wholesalers, it’s normal to take a few months to close their first deal. Today’s guest, Jamison Williams, closed his in just three weeks. Since then, Jamison has been on a tear closing over 50 deals in 18 months. He joins Brent Daniels to talk about his journey, how he closed a deal in 3 weeks, and how he’s scaled his operations.

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Show notes:

  • (0:49) – Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:43) – Jamison’s background and start in real estate.
  • (3:37) – How Jameson closed a deal within 3 weeks.
  • (8:27) – The breakdown of Jameson’s first deal.
  • (13:15) – How to negotiate a $90k wholesale.
  • (18:02) – Jamison’s 5-year plan.



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50 Deals In His First 18 Months – How This Investor Did It With Jamison Williams

Episode Transcription

Welcome to another episode. I am excited. We have an unbelievable guest on the show. He does business in Akron, Ohio, where he lives. He also does business in Cleveland and in Vegas. He’s the owner of not one but two KeyGlee franchises, and he has only been doing this business for eighteen months. He has closed over 50 deals. He is on fire. He did his first deal in just three weeks. We’re going to find out how he made such an impact so quickly in this business, but also how he’s building his business every single week and building momentum. It is my pleasure to introduce, Jamison Williams. How are you?

I’m doing great. Thanks for having me.

It’s good to see you. Let’s break this thing down. You were in college and you studied CIS. When you got out of college, you jumped right into real estate. Is that right?

Yeah. I was in college. I had a business that I was starting up. The pandemic came and then I was like, “I’ll try to raise some money.” It was pretty hard to raise some money when the pandemic first happened. I had a buddy of mine who got into wholesale and he showed me a $14,000 check. When I saw it, I was like, “How did you do this?” He broke it down to me. I was like, “I could try to do this.” At the time, I moved back with my parents. The pandemic happened and I was ready to take some risks, so I did.

You were going to start what kind of business right out of college?

I was going to start a rental subscription business in fashion. That was my idea. I tried to raise a decent amount of money, but I was having some trouble doing that. I didn’t have the understanding of how to raise money, but once I got into real estate, I figured that out as well.

This friend of yours, is he walking around with a $14,000 check? Is he telling you what’s going on? Were you like, “I’m not sure what I’m doing,” and he was like, “Maybe you should check out real estate.” How does this even come up in conversation? People will go their whole lives never hearing wholesale and real estate put together into a sentence. You’ve got the time. The pandemic’s here. You’re ready to go. You’ve got a strong business mind. It’s the perfect alchemy of ingredients here to set you up in this business.

I was scrolling on Instagram one day. When people get that first check, they post it. I’m like, “Wow.” I messaged him. I was like, “How did you do this? What are you doing?” He told me. I was like, “I can do it too.”

This is in Ohio?

Yeah. It was a seller finance deal. He sold it to a buyer and made $14,000.

What did he tell you to do?

He told me to take action. One of the first things that I started doing was I started watching some of your shows and other shows out there. I started soaking up the information.

It’s the show that you’re on now eighteen months later. You jumped into a deal. It took you three weeks to get your deal. I emphasized that at the beginning of this conversation because usually, it takes 3 months to 6 months to do your first deal. Somehow, you were able to shorten the timeline way down and get a deal within three weeks. Give everybody your secret sauce. How did you do it so fast? Did you go directly to the seller? Did you find a deal and sold it to one of your cash buyers? How did that work?

I got an old list that one of my buddies had and I just started calling them off my phone.

He gave you a list with the phone numbers. You’ve got zero money invested so far.

I had numbers and then started calling. I started calling every day in my parents’ basement. I kept calling and then I found a guy who went through the probate process. He was ready to sell his dad’s house. I hopped on the phone and started talking to him. We went out to check out the property and ended up locking the contract up, and then I threw it on the Facebook marketplace.

God always puts things in your life at the perfect time. Those are opportunities for you to take that imperfect action.

Was it the same friend that you were scrolling with before they gave you the list or was it somebody else?

It was the same friend.

You were like, “Do you have somebody that I could call?” He’s like, “I got these old lists that you can go through.” It’s a phenomenal strategy. If they’re sitting there, somebody already paid for them to be skip traced or get the phone numbers. It’s a list of distressed properties.

People might pay for list after list but go through your old list. Recycle those old lists.

Our number one list in 2022 is our dead lead list. When we pre-qualified all these sellers, they wanted way too much, but now, we can buy them. We’ve been making a ton off of these. As the market is making this transition and as inflation and interest rates go up accordingly, buyers get a little bit tighter and sellers start feeling that. All of a sudden, those people that have been sitting on the sidelines start making decisions.

They’re ready to go.

Weren’t you nervous? Did you even know what to say? What did you say to this person? Did you call him up and say, “I see you inherited a property. Do you want to sell it?”

I had the address and I was like, “123 Main Street. Are you interested in selling?” It was under his dad’s name. They had the same name. I called him and asked him if he was interested in selling his property. We had a conversation. This was about how important it is to build that rapport, hear somebody’s situation, and let them talk. He was talking. We made a connection. He was ready to sell.

Weren’t you nervous? You’re sitting in the basement, making these calls to a list. You’ve probably never had a conversation with any property owners about selling their house for cash. These were your first conversations. How did you get over the fear of that? For a lot of people, that’s the biggest hurdle. Everybody is like, “I got to get ready. I got to watch another video. I got to listen to another podcast before I go take action,” but you just took action.

One of the biggest things that I stand on is fortune favors the bold. If I don’t call, I’m not on the show. If I do call, I’m on the show. It’s also about visualizing what could possibly happen. I see one guy when I’m scrolling on Instagram and he makes $14,000. Why can’t it be me? Why can’t it be you?

You’re seeing that and you’re not saying, “He must be doing something weird,” or “How did he get that?” You’re like, “He did it. I can do that. I wonder what he did.” It’s a different perspective though. Some people are like, “This person is bragging. This person is out there trying to be flashy.” They want to be negative towards that but you were like, “Let me reach out here.”

When I saw it, I thought it was an opportunity for me. God always puts things in your life at the perfect time. That was the opportunity for me to take that imperfect action. So what if I mess up? I’ll call somebody else. That’s what it was for me. I was calling sellers and I didn’t know what to say. If I’m on the phone. I’ll mute it quick and ask my buddy, “What do I say to this?” He’ll tell me something to say. It also comes from watching YouTube videos as well. There’s so much information out there if you just look. People are paying for the information. More so, you are paying for the community as well when you speak to a mentor. Take that imperfect action. Take a step. So what if you mess up? Go on to the next.

I hope that this show, whether somebody sees it on the YouTube channel or reading it, is that spark for them. All of a sudden, they hear you doing it and they’re like, “I can do this.” They go out and take action. The whole point of this show is to show that you don’t have to have supernatural powers or have some rich uncle, parents or whatever it is who gives you a bunch of money to be a real estate investor. With your own skills, ability, and that fire in your belly, you can go out there and have a decent conversation with somebody that owns an ugly house. How was this first deal that you did? Was it in rough shape? Was it decent?

It was decent, but here’s what I did. It had all of his dad’s old clothes and everything. I had $1,500 to my name at this point. I decided, “I’m going to call a clean-out service. I’m going to completely clean this property out and then I’m going to try to sell it.” It was a little risky because it was under contract. I didn’t completely buy it. I completely cleaned the property out and threw it on the Facebook marketplace. I had about 6 or 7 guys that were interested. We ended up making $17,000 on it.

Was it a clean cash as-is offer?


WI 1004 | Closing Your First Deal

Closing Your First Deal: Take action. Watch some podcasts and soak up as much information as you can.


What did you lock it up for? What did you sell it for?

The guy only wanted $13,000 for it and we sold it for $30,000.

He wanted $13,000. It was in decent shape. Did you sell it to a buy-and-hold investor?

I think it was a fix and flipper. I’m not sure what his strategy was, but he came through and paid cash. I had a couple of offers. I had one at $27,000, one at $24,000, and another one at $15,000. I negotiated the last guy up to $30,000 and we were able to get it done.

How many people did you talk to on this list before you talked to this guy and got your first deal?

The list was about 1,500. I was calling for about two weeks, and then I connected to one guy.

Was it the first person you talked to?

No. I got cussed out a couple of times. I got a little discouraged but I was like, “One more. Let me see if I can get somebody else.” It gets fun, especially during that time. It was pandemic. No one was doing anything. It was like picking up a new hobby. I was taking a chance and taking that little risk. At that time, I was working other jobs. It was not a job for my profession. I could have gotten a job somewhere, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to take that risk on myself and it paid off.

He wanted $13,000 and you sold it for $30,000. You made $17,000. That’s how it starts. You have proof of concept. Now you know that you can do it. It’s one thing when your friend closes a deal and you’re like, “That makes sense.” It’s not real yet until you get that check for $17,000 and put it into your bank account. You’re looking at it and you’re like, “This might change my life forever. This might be the thing.” You had $1,500. You spent probably half of it, if not all of it, cleaning out the property. You were down to nothing. You were living with your parents, and then you get $17,000. Did you feel like a millionaire?

Yeah. It was proof of concept for me. One thing about me is I always reinvest. I had a plan for what I was going to do. Sometimes, you can go too far. Maybe you get too many VAs or spend too much on the lists. Those are lessons you learn as well along the way. It was an exciting moment and I was ready to continue the journey.

Talk to me about how you found your KeyGlee franchises, how that all worked out, and how it’s going. For anybody that’s not familiar, KeyGlee is one of the biggest wholesaling companies in the country. I consider them the best. I know they’re technically ranked third. The other two, I don’t consider because I don’t think they do a great job. KeyGlee does a phenomenal job of being the dispo. They’re selling the properties that other wholesalers, investors or real estate agents can’t sell because they don’t have the cash buyers. That’s the model. You have this big, robust cash buyer database in Vegas and Cleveland. You’ve got people that send you deals and you JV with them and split the deal. How was that going?

It’s going great. I got my second one a couple of months ago. I’m working on scaling both up.

Your second franchise?

Yes. How that process went was after I got my first deal, I reinvested it and bought the AstroFlipping program. After I got into that program, I was able to utilize that community. I started understanding that model and doing more deals. I ended up getting in a couple of big deals. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my money. You want to spend it right. When you get that much money, you’ll say, “I don’t want to just ball it and not do the right thing.” I figured I’ll reinvest it in the business and that business has turned out pretty well for me.

In between your first deal and buying the franchises, you closed a $90,000 deal. That was direct to the property owner.

Yes. That was direct-to-seller.

When you pay to play, people look at you differently. Take your game to the next level and surround yourself with the right people.

Explain to people the size of deals, the amount of responsibility, and the number of steps. What’s the difference between going directly to a property owner versus the KeyGlee model of working mostly with other investors, agents and cash buyers?

Do you want me to break down the whole situation?


I was sending out a lot of text blasts. When you send text blasts, sometimes you get responses, and then sometimes people will text you back randomly out of nowhere. This was one of those cases where the guy texted me out of nowhere. He texted me and said, “I’ll be at the property on Saturday at 10:30 AM,” out of nowhere. I was like, “I’ll meet you there.” I had no idea where the property was. I’ve never been over there.

I got to the property and I see it. Have you guys ever looked at a property and seen that one bad house on a street full of amazing new builds and everything is 2022 HGTV renovated? It was that house. The guy had that house for 25 years. It was the middle of the pandemic and he needed the cash. He was like, “The property has been vacant for about nine months. The tenant didn’t pay any rent. I’m looking to get out.” I was like, “How much do you want?” He told me how much he wanted. It was $130,000. I tried to negotiate it down a little bit more.

Even though you knew it was a deal, why negotiate? This is an important point for everybody. I want everybody to take this as a coachable moment because there’s a very specific reason why you don’t take their offer right off the bat.

If it’s that easy, the seller is going to be like, “Maybe I can get more.” You have to make it so that you’re fighting for this number and working up to it so it’s a deal for both parties.

They have to feel like they won. They have to feel like they beat you in the negotiation.

I started at $110,000 or maybe $100,000. I was like, “It’s tough.” He was like, “My bottom line is $128,000.” I was like, “Okay.” I walked away and thought about it. I told him I had to call my partner. I went to the car but I didn’t call anybody. I came back and was like, “We can do it.” I locked it up and I was able to sell it to a buyer in California for $220,000.

How did you find that buyer?

I found that buyer by going through Facebook and reaching out to people. I was messaging people and reaching out that way.

Did you find them in investor groups?

Yeah. I was able to do that. At first, I was getting offers at $180,000, which was still a good deal, but I knew the ARV. I knew the area. I was like, “I’m not going to go with these numbers.” Even though I still would have made something and I had time in the contract, I was like, “I know there’s a higher number out there,” so I waited it out. I don’t necessarily encourage everybody to do that, but I thought I could get more so I wanted to maximize the deal. I was able to maximize the deal and was able to close on it. We closed on that deal and made $92,000.

How important is it that you have a big, strong cash buyer database? How important is that in your business?

It’s so important. People get great deals all the time, but if they can’t find any buyer or the right buyer for that deal, they can’t get it sold and they don’t get paid. That’s one of the best things that KeyGlee offers. They offer that opportunity to wholesalers and people in the community that have a great deal, maybe they’re great on the acquisition side, to be able to sell that deal and still make some money.

What does your business look like now? How many people work with you? What does it take to run two KeyGlee franchises doing multiple deals a month? How much manpower do you have?

WI 1004 | Closing Your First Deal

Closing Your First Deal: People might pay for list after list after list, but you can go through your old list and recycle those.


I have six employees. I’m looking to get more. If you are possibly looking for a job, pick me up. It takes a great acquisition team and great partners to help us grow.

What do you do in the business? What’s your role in your business?

Every day, I’m doing a little bit of both acquisition and disposition. I’m helping people to know that we’re in the Vegas market and the Cleveland market and helping us find more deals. I’m passing all the deals to my acquisition guys so that they make their money on top of those deals as well. I’m trying to make it so everybody can eat.

I always think that this is an interesting question because a lot of people have an issue here. Right before you’re getting on the phone with a lead, are you ready? You’re like, “I got this lead. I’m going to call it.” Is there a mental checklist that you go through? Do you go to a certain spot in your house or office to make your calls? What do you do so that you’re confident when you’re making your call?

It starts with how you start your morning. I meditate and say my affirmations. Once I say my affirmations and my goal of where I want to be in five years, it’s easy because I know I got to put in that work every single day consistently to get there. As long as my mindset is right, I’m good to go.

Throughout the day, you’re picking up the phone. How much of your day is on the phone?

About 30%. I have power hours. Those are hours where I make calls consistently. I have a certain point of my day as well where I’m answering calls from people that are trying to JV with us, do deals with us, do other things, and put out some fires.

I’m sure everybody wants to know what the big five-year goal is. I know it’s weird to put it out there, but you say it every day in your affirmations. What is the big goal? Is that having a bunch of units? Is it development? Is it being the bank? Is it having a huge wholesaling business? What do you see five years down the line?

Five years down the line, I see wholesaling being a huge thing, having several franchises across the nation, generating $5 million-plus a month, and then developments as well. I have a development that’s a 28-unit that just got approved in Akron, Ohio, that I’m building. I also want to be able to create affordable housing too. I’m going to do that. I want to be a better person. Personal growth is great for me and my family. I want to be able to look at myself every day in the mirror and say, “I’m helping my family.” Also, I want to retire my parents. I don’t want my parents to ever work again. I want to have enough money to say, “Mom and dad, here you go.”

You were in the Astro mentorship and then bought into the KeyGlee franchise, which is a big mentorship with a lot more added benefits. What do you do for personal development? How long have you been doing personal development? Do you have a routine? Do you have something that you like doing? What part of your schedule is about working on you?

Every single quarter, I dedicate a certain amount of my income to masterminds. It’s important to pay to play. I learned that a while ago. When you pay to play, guys look at you differently. Maybe you spend $2,500 or $5,000. When you start getting into the big boy stuff, it is $25,000 to $50,000 to go to a mastermind. I’m getting on those other minds and seeing what they’re doing. Those are some of the things that I’m doing to take my game to the next level. I also surround myself with the right people, whether that’s in my field or not in my field. That’s why I’m super down to moving to Phoenix because there are so many like-minded young people that are doing excellent things out here. Rubbing shoulders with that energy is something that I’m super down with.

How can people get ahold of you? If people want to say congratulations, JV with you or learn some things from you, how do people get ahold of you?

If you guys want to do some deals with me, shoot me a message on my Instagram @ItsJWill. If you guys want to email me as well, it’s We’re doing deals in Las Vegas and Ohio. If you’re in either one of those markets, get at me.

Thank you for being on the show. That is awesome. That is it for this episode. Make sure that if you are in any of those markets, Akron, Vegas, Cleveland or Phoenix, reach out to Jamison and squad up. That’s it. I will sign off as I always do, encouraging you to go out there and talk to people. I love you guys. I’ll talk to you soon.


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