Posted on: July 26, 2022
WI 1002 | The Rhino Roadmap


Getting your first deal can be intimidating. Where do you even start? But once you’re able to do your first deal, everything opens up. That’s why David Dodge is so passionate about getting folks to start their journey. In today’s episode he talks about how he’ll help you do just that in his new program. The Rhino Roadmap is built specifically to help new investors get in the game and will give you everything you need, including access to David himself, in order for you to close your first deal.

If you’re looking to get started, check out Rhino Roadmap and see if you’re a good fit for our program.


Show notes:

  • (0:55) – Beginning of today’s episode.
  • (1:42) – Why we created the Rhino Roadmap and who it’s for.
  • (8:50) – Why getting your first deal is so important.



  • Want to learn more? Check out our Rhino Roadmap
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The Rhino Roadmap – Get Your First Deal

Episode Transcription

Are you a brand new real estate investor? You’re not sure how to get started, where to get started or a platform that you can go and ask questions. I’m here to tell you that over at Wholesaling Inc, we’ve started something called the Rhino Roundtable where the last Saturday of each month, Lauren Hardy, Brent Daniels, Chris Craddock, David Dodge, Grace and I are there to answer your questions over at Wholesaling Inc on our Rhino Roundtable. This is live. We can come in and put your questions ahead of time or you can ask them live on the show.

As a land coach, I will answer your questions. Lauren Hardy, as a virtual investing master, will answer your question. David Dodge is in charge of the BRRRR Program. Lauren and David have rolled out the Rhino Roadmap. This is wholesaling 101. Join us on the last Saturday of each month at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. For one hour on a Saturday, we’ll be there to answer your calls and questions about starting a wholesaling company, real estate investing, buying and selling land and creating a business around it. We’ll see you soon.

I am so excited about the Rhino Roadmap. I love helping and coaching get their first wholesale deal. It is truly my passion. This is a tribe of rhinos here. I want to work with all of you and help all of you get your first deal. We have decided that we’re going to launch this Rhino Roadmap and focus our efforts on helping you all get your first wholesale deal.

Don’t worry. I’m still here to coach BRRRR if that’s what you want to learn but if you are new, you are like most people and you want to get that first deal so you can build confidence and get this ball rolling to where you can either maybe go build yourself a booming wholesale business or maybe you want to do fix and flips and own rentals and mature to an investor, regardless, I’m here to help.

I love helping people get their first deal. What I’m most passionate about is helping people get that first deal and helping them understand that this is something that they can do. We’re all worthy of it. We just got to work hard but we can all do deals. I love helping people realize that they’re making less money at their job than they are in their wholesaling business. I love helping people get into this business full-time but regardless, we got to get that first deal done. That’s where it all starts, matters and counts.

The Rhino Roadmap is the best program I’ve ever created and I’m confident it could be the best program under the Wholesaling Inc umbrella here. We are going to be here to help you. Hold your hand. We’re doing weekly calls and real-time communication over Slack. It’s one of my favorite apps. Not only can you connect with me and get my cell phone number, call me and text me as needed but you’re going to have access to me and the rest of the community, as well as my team over in that Slack group. It is the most amazing way for me to talk and be accessible to my students in real-time.

Wholesaling is the best place to start; it’s the most proven place to start.

I’m also inviting you out to my office in St. Louis, Missouri. If you are a Rhino Roadmap customer member, tribe or partner, I don’t even have the right wording, I want you to be my friend because that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day. I want to be friends with you and help you. That’s where I’m coming to you. It’s from my heart.

I want to give you access to my office. You can come and join me in St. Louis, Missouri. You can sit down and we can go through your business. We can dive into mine. We can break it down. We can go look at some of the deals that I’m actively doing and so much more by having the ability to offer you all to hang out with me on top of the weekly calls and the real-time communication.

Not only with me but with the rest of the group, a ton of rhinos out here kicking butt, taking names and doing deals. Here’s the cool thing. We’re helping people sell problem properties and out of bad, terrible situations. We’re helping the rehabbers and landlords in our market find deals. We’re helping ourselves too because we’re getting paid and having fun. Everybody gets to win. It’s such an amazing business.

As you mature into your business, we have other options and ways that we can help you. At this point, I am excited to announce the Rhino Roadmap to you all. This is such an amazing program. It’s going to allow me to help more people get that first deal by being a wholesale coach for the most amazing audience on the planet, the Wholesaling Inc show.

WI 1002 | The Rhino Roadmap

The Rhino Roadmap: We’re helping people. We’re helping people sell problem properties. We’re helping people out of bad, terrible situations. We’re helping the rehabbers and the landlords in our market find deals. And, we’re helping ourselves too, because we’re getting paid and we’re having fun.


I’m incredibly grateful to have this opportunity and I’m here to help. I want to help as many of you as I can. All you got to do to learn more is to go head on over to Book a call, connect with our team and let the team help place you into the program that is going to fit your needs and get you to where you want to be.

We all have different goals. I’m confident that there are tons of people in this audience whose goal is the first deal. That’s what I want to talk about. I want to circle back to that. That’s the fun deal. That’s what builds confidence and what lets you look yourself in the mirror and say, “I did it. I can do this again. I can do more of these.”

Up until that point, it is an uphill battle. It’s going to take some work. There’s going to be some effort involved. You’re going to probably have to spend some money on some marketing. That’s not a big surprise to you all. This is a marketing business but the return on investment can be infinite in this business and it can give you financial freedom. It can give you my personal favorite, time freedom to go do what you want to do with the people you love and the people that you want to do those things with.

I don’t encourage anybody to ever go quit their job. If I get the pleasure of working with you, I’ll tell you the same as I tell everyone else. When we get you doing deals and you are ready to make that leap, I will stand behind you. I will have your back. You have to make that decision. When the time is there, I’m going to be here to help. I want to be here to help.

This is a marketing business, but the return on investment can be infinite and it can give you financial freedom and time freedom.

The coolest part about this program is we’ve priced this to where we can help a ton of people. It is affordable and it is the craziest amount of value. I don’t even think I mentioned the course that we put together to break this thing down from A to Z with everything you need, the calculators, contracts, agreements, spreadsheets and scorecards. There’s so much involved here. I like to hold my students accountable. You’re going to be hearing from me when we start working together. I’m going to be checking in on you saying, “How was it going? What’s going on with the marketing? What are you struggling with? How can I help?”

This is the Rhino Roadmap. This is what Wholesaling Inc was built on, getting a tribe together to do their first deal or scale it to many deals. This is what it’s all about. I am extremely excited about this. I’m incredibly grateful to have this opportunity and excited for every one of you to have this opportunity to not only work with me but to collaborate with some of the other coaches here and have access to my team, my office and my entire business.

More importantly than any of that stuff is you and I’m going to pour into you. This isn’t about me. This is about you. I’m excited to be launching this, collaborating and providing so much value that I almost can’t believe that we’re doing all this. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is a most amazing opportunity to help people find financial freedom and get that first deal, scale their businesses and learn the marketing side of things.

Once you do a deal, build that confidence and understand what it takes, you can map out the 2nd or the 22nd deal. You can get there in a tenth of the amount of time and then decide to do like I do. I’m sure most of the other coaches here do as well. We cherry-pick our wholesale deals. We spend the money and time to get them. That’s marketing and then we decide, “Should we wholesale this and use little to none of our money to make a little bit of money? Should we keep it, fix and flip it, add it to the portfolio of rentals or whatever it may be?” You don’t have that choice if you don’t have deals and leads coming.

WI 1002 | The Rhino Roadmap

The Rhino Roadmap: This is what Wholesaling Inc. was built on: getting a tribe together to do their first deal or scale it to many deals.


The wholesaling piece is the best place to start. It is the most proven place to start. We, as a company, team and tribe have had the most success in helping people get their first deal. I can’t express it enough. I’m static that I get the opportunity to help you all with this piece, the piece of 0 to 1. Let’s get you out of this rut that you are in. The average person doesn’t have $600 in an emergency account. The average person got $10,000 or $12,000 on a credit card. If this is you, you’re not the bad guy. That’s normal. That’s the average. A lot of people don’t necessarily come into this show to learn how to build a massive portfolio or do this or that. They’re looking to get out of the hole or the trap that they’re in.

Hopefully, you’re not in there but if you are, I got your back. I get it and I want to help. I can’t stress this enough. Book a call. Find out more at a minimum. Connect with the team. I cannot wait to not only start working with you but to pour into you and make sure that you succeed and hold you accountable. Hopefully, you’ll come and visit me in my office. I can’t wait. This is already a great program. We’ve already had tons of people enter. We are rocking and this is awesome. I’m loving it. I’m confident we’re going to have people doing deals in a matter of weeks, not months but at the end of the day, you got to put in the work.

I am excited about this. This is so great. Here’s the cool part. You have this in you already. You just need a little help and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to guide and show you where we need to go. That’s what the roadmap is all about. “Here’s where we’re at now. Here’s where we need to be next week and the week after. Here’s how we’re going to get deals.” My business is doing 5 to 10 a month on average and it’s on autopilot. That gives me a lot of time to pour into you all.

If you want to join the best tribe on the planet, the Wholesaling Inc tribe and you want to get that first deal, I’m here for you and I want to work with you. Book a call right away. I can’t wait to connect with you, start working with you, get you that first deal and get you out of that hole that you may be in. I get it but we got to start. Let’s do this, work together and get you that first deal. We’re going to have a lot of fun in the process. You can count on that. We’ll see you soon.


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David Dodge is a real estate coach, author, and investor with over 17 years of experience. David specializes in using the BRRRR Method to acquire Rental Properties with NONE of his own money and has taught others how to generate passive income using his systems. He’s also the co-author of the book “The Brrrr Method” and currently has over 90 properties in his rental portfolio with a goal to grow to over 200 properties in the next 24-36 months.









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