Episode 1001: How this Investor Scaled to 100 Deals Per Year and 9 Markets – Virtually

WI 1001 | Virtual Deals


Mike DeHaan is doing nearly 100 deals per year and is in nine markets currently. Best of all? He’s doing it 100% virtual. Mike joins Lauren Hardy to talk about his journey from struggling to close one deal to doing nearly 100 annually. He talks about key strategies he used to close deals fast, reduce selling stress and increase his margins. This episode is full of value for anyone looking to wholesale virtually.

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Show notes:

  •     (0:58) – Beginning of today’s episode.
  •     (1:58) – Mike’s background and entry into real estate
  •     (4:44) – Why Mike struggled to close sales at first.
  •     (8:50) – Why Mike went virtual and how he chose his markets.
  •     (11:20) – Mass market wholesaling and why chase “low-hanging fruit”.
  •     (14:50) – How to properly use JVing to wholesale virtually.
  •     (17:07) – Increase your margins by doing this.



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How This Investor Scaled To 100 Deals Per Year And 9 Markets – Virtually With Mike DeHaan

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