Episode 10: 5 Creative Ways to Find Cash Buyers that Work!

5 Creative Ways to Find Cash Buyers that Work! 

I’m sure we don’t have to remind you how important networking is when it comes to Wholesaling and flipping. In fact, it’s an essential part of the Real Estate business and is critical to finding more deals and often times, the BEST deals!

Meet Holly McKhann who owns HouseFlip Masters.

Today you will learn some SUPER creative ways to find MORE cash buyers because…Holly is a GREAT cash buyer!
She is a total rockstar and shares a wealth of Real Estate knowledge on everything from buying and appraising deals from Wholesalers to how she approaches every deal and believes no project too big for her!

In this episode, you will discover that contrary to the popular belief that finding Cash Buyers is hard to do, there are actually a lot of creative ways to find them, and Holly shares a TON here!

Learn how Holly is rocking it in her business and even more, learn how she gets these deals without necessarily doing any direct marketing.


  • How Holly started to fall in love with construction
  • Buying everything at auction during the crash
  • How she found another SUPER effective way to find deals
  • A ninja strategy that she used to network with wholesalers
  • The power of meeting people face to face
  • What the California market looks like today (and how it compares to other markets)
  • What do Wholesalers and cash buyers have in common?
  • Why she doesn’t do direct marketing
  • and so much more…


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