Episode 08: How to Make $73,000…in 3 Hours!

Could you imagine making $73,000 Wholesaling houses?

It takes determination, focus, and lot’s of “grit” to succeed at Wholesaling houses.

When it comes to wholesaling Real Estate, consistent effort is not only a requirement…it’s the “secret sauce” for finding success and making lots of money in the business.

But for all the pain and struggles, the rewards are through the roof! We are advocates of hustling and getting out there to constantly (and consistently) market because we know it works!

Today you will meet Chris Rood, from the tribe who just made a whooping $73,000 dollars from his last deal and it only took him 3 hours to make this happen (and that includes driving time)!

You’ll also learn a very valuable lesson that he learned along the way.

Don’t miss this episode!!


  • When Chris joined the tribe and how much he has earned since he started
  • How he got into real estate and what drew him to Wholesaling
  • Becoming the “source” of the deals (you’ll love this one)
  • Why “speed” is the key to success in this business and how to apply these principles to your business.
  • Finding motivation through listening (listening between the raindrops)
  • Chris’ month to month stats and a lesson he recently learned that changed his business
  • The importance of getting a mentor (Chris worked with many) to train you
  • and so much more…


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