Episode 03: Is Direct Mail Dead? $73,135.45 Reasons Why it May Be!

Is Direct Mail dead?

We all know that Marketing is the lifeblood of Wholesaling. As Wholesalers, we are ALWAYS looking for new and creative ways to find deals. There are so many different ways to find deals out there but our preferred method (and one we teach the tribe) has always been Direct Mail.


Well, besides knowing Direct mail like the back of our hand (yes, we are FANATICAL about stats), it always produces great (and consistent) results. That’s not to say other forms of marketing don’t do the same thing. We’ve just found Direct Mail to be the most consistent and reliable often yielding the BIGGEST assignment fees and the best deals!!

Is all that changing? Could Direct Mail possibly be…gulp…starting to die?

In today’s episode, I put Cody Hofhine in the hot-seat (my chance to get him back) and we talk about a NEW marketing channel for him that has recently yielded a $73,000 deal! With Cody being the “go-giver” that he is, he lays it all out for you, step by step, in this Podcast!

Trust me, if you are a Wholesaler who is struggling to get more deals (with BIGGER assignment fees) this could be the most important episode you ever listen to!


  • Are the days of direct mail quickly coming to an end?
  • How to make deals without actually seeing the property
  • Where is Wholesaling headed…and how to get in early on new trends
  • What is Wholetailing?
  • Are good deals a thing of the past?
  • How to find cash for your deals in as little as 30 minutes
  • How to become the “only” solution for your prospects (and get TON’S of business referrals in the process)
  • and so much more…


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