Posted on: October 11, 2016

Americas #1 Wholesaling Coach, Tom Krol and former student turned 7 figure Wholesaler, Cody Hofhine have teamed up to bring you cutting edge, next level information on Wholesaling, Wholetailing and Flipping houses!

Each week they will be bringing you up to the minute Wholesaling tactics and strategies that NO ONE else is sharing with one thing in mind, to help you EXPLODE your Real Estate investing business!

This Podcast will provide you with a step by step “road map” that will help you CRUSH IT in your business.

Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and take MASSIVE action. It takes a lot of GRIT to make it in this business!

Do you have what it takes?

Welcome to the NO FLUFF ZONE!

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Episode Transcription

Bam! all right guys, this is Tom Krol and Cody Hofhine. We are coming at you from Wholesaling Inc with Investor Grit. We are so excited to be here today. We are going to have a great adventure so I hope you are ready. This is the no fluff, no BS zone, so get out a pen and paper. This podcast is going to be all about making it happen, getting out of your comfort zone and making revenue in real estate investing right now, without using any of your own money or your own credit, in a little niche market called wholesaling. If you don’t know what wholesaling is, it is the art of finding the most discounted properties in your neighborhood quickly and efficiently and consistently. That is the key. So that’s what we’re going to be focused on. Cody, are you with me? Can you hear me?

I am here, my man.

It’s awesome to hear you. I hear the kids in the background like mine. We both work from home. I think that’s awesome. One of the most powerful pieces of this businesses is that you don’t have to go into an office and we are going to be covering some really awesome topics. Again, this is the no fluff, no BS zone. We’re not going to waste your time. This is all meat and potatoes. I’m out of Florida. Cody is out of Utah. We both are wholesalers. I started wholesaling. I had tremendous success in a very, very short amount of time. I’m really looking forward to being a Go-Giver and sharing that information with you. Cody came in, he started wholesaling. He now actually makes more money than… Cody you make $100,000 a month, right?

Little over a $100,000 each month. It’s been that consistent for about, Oh six or seven months now.

Six or seven. And how long ago did you start wholesaling?

Wholesaling, I started in May of 2015.

And right now it is September, I’m sorry, October of 2016. So now Cody, you have a PhD and a master’s degree and you’re a licensed real estate agent, right? With 25 years of experience?


This is the whole thing, guys. I came in, I was selling lawn care. Cody was an insurance sales guy. He was making about $19,000 a year selling insurance. I was making about 50k selling lawn care. If we can do this business, anybody can do this business. This is all going to be meat and potatoes. But here’s the thing, we’re going to have a progress, not perfection, attitude with this. What do you call our listeners? What is the term?

We’re going to call our listeners The Rhino Nation.

The Rhino Nation. So mark that guys, that’s the first episode and this is the first time that that is coming out. I love it. Rhino Nation. Cody is a master at this stuff, at the terminology. He has another one I like which is “Fail forward”, which I… words to live by, but this is going to be all meat and potatoes, usable information. We are not going to waste your time and we’re not going to waste our time. We’re going to give you usable, actual, no philosophy, no BS, and now there’s my little Lucas in the background.

I hear him.

[crosstalk 00:03:26] Good little boy though. I love that kid. Oh, he’s so cute, that kid. He’s the best one of my four. He’s so easy. So it’s going to be amazing adventure, but we are going to get you out of your comfort zone. Analysis paralysis is over.

Analysis paralysis is over. You are going to be taking massive imperfect action in this podcast. We’re going to want you to listen to an episode and then go out and make it repeatable. We’re going to do the same thing with our guests when we have guests on the show. We are going to put them in the hot seat, make them answer questions and we are going to get down and dirty with the details. Who is the vendor you used for the marketing? What marketing piece did you use? Did you do voicemail or did you do Live Answer? Where was the place where you were doing this? How do we get more deals? How do we replicate your success? That’s what this is all about. So revenue in first position. It’s an awesome privilege to be able to share this amazing information. And with that said, with not wasting your guys’ time, we are going to get right to it, down and dirty and we’re going to start getting episode number one out immediately.

So Cody, you ready? Want to get started? We’ll start recording today.

This will be rock and roll. I am ready to roll.

This is going to be an awesome adventure guy. So I hope you’re ready and this is our privilege to share it. We’re super, super excited and if you want to find out more about Investor Grit or about joining our tribe, if you want to explode your wholesaling business right now, if you want to stop trying to wholesale and you want to start wholesaling right now, go to Investor Grit, Investor Click on the application tab. If we like what you have to say, we might even invite you in to be a Rhino. All right. God bless everybody. We’ll talk to you soon.

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