Posted on: January 12, 2017

4 Wholesaling Deals When He Was About to Quit!

Have you ever given up on something? Maybe you “felt” committed in the beginning, but it got to tough and you just threw in the towel? Maybe you didn’t see the results fast enough? Maybe you thought it would be easier? Maybe it got too uncomfortable for you and you just couldn’t hack it?

Regardless of the reason, I’m sure it didn’t feel very good when you gave up. The truth is most people give up WAYYYYYYYYYY to early!

Fear can be a KILLER, if you allow it control you. Fear can be a deceiver and talk you right out of your dreams! I bet most of the people that give up to soon don’t realize just how close they are to breaking through! Well on today’s show, we’re going to give you an example of someone who was on the verge of quitting, but at the last minute, decided to stick it out.

“I’m done I want a refund!” These were the exact words Beau Hollis sent in an email to Tom because he was ready to throw in the towel.

He was about to let go of the tribe and just felt like he couldn’t do it! But guess what? In just a month and a half of taking back those words, he was able to do 4 wholesaling deals that made him a total of $40,000 dollars!

Learn how he made it without ANY prior knowledge of real estate, using bandit signs like a boss, and going all in without any plan B!

Take a few minutes to listen to this amazing story!


  • How Beau Hollis almost quit the tribe!
  • 4 Deals and $40,000 Dollars in just a month and a half!
  • How did he do it?
  • Starting without ANY knowledge of Real Estate
  • How he used Bandit Signs like a boss
  • How many signs did he need exactly?
  • Using Recorded Messages
  • His one piece of critical advice for anyone just starting out
  • and so much more…

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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Guys, I had to share a story with you, this is an amazing story. So we had a guy, it’s Beau Beau. Can you hear me?

Beau Hollis: Yeah, I hear you good, Tom.

Tom Krol: Beau, it’s good to see ya, it’s good to hear from you. So Beau is in Louisville, Kentucky, my old stomping ground. I told him I used to go to the Cheddar Box out there and he said it’s one of his favorite places, which is awesome. And although I look like I eat at the Chedder Box and you don’t so, but it’s good stuff. And I wanted to tell Beau’s story just really quickly. You know me, I want to get right to the meat and the potatoes or the cheddar, but I want to get right down to the nuts and bolts because Beau has a very interesting story. He’s very unique because something happened, which is early on, Beau basically was like, I want out.
This is not the right system for me and I want a refund. I am done. I am D-O-N-E and when that happened, so I know you kind of like, now did one of our guys get on the phone with you, or what? Or did you just kind of have a change of heart? So what happened? How did that get reversed? Tell us a little bit about that and then I want to talk about what happened immediately after that. But how did you kind of do the turnaround real quick?

Beau Hollis: Okay, so what happened was that I had this moment of fear. I signed up and I just had these thoughts of, hey, what if I fail? You know, all those feelings that people go through when they’re launching something new, I had the feelings of, hey, this isn’t for me.

Tom Krol: Right?

Beau Hollis: So what I did was I just sent an email really quick and said, Hey, I would love a refund, this isn’t for me. I made a bad choice.

Tom Krol: Okay.

Beau Hollis: And then, you know, there’s 30 minutes later I, I was thinking to myself, Hey, what am I doing? I think I was listening to a Les Brown tape.

Tom Krol: Oh, I love Les Brown.

Beau Hollis: that said, Les Brown. And he said, you know, you, you owe yourself. And I was like, you know what, dang it, you’re right. I’m going to, I’m going to email her back. And I did. And I said, Hey, I just had a momentary lapse there. Please disregard my past email.

Tom Krol: Oh okay, okay.

Beau Hollis: and I’m going to rhino on, so I emailed her back right away and said, I’m just going to rhino on.

Tom Krol: Who was, I guess that was Larena? Was that our administrative assistant?

Beau Hollis: Yeah, I emailed Larena and said please disregard that and she never responded so I just assumed that she got it and we just moved forward.

Tom Krol: Well, I do remember in a company email that that happening, as a matter of fact, and the reason you guys as everybody knows just so that we’re totally upfront about everything is that we just had a company meeting today and Beau’s name came up. Oh I got little Lily in the background. Hey Lily. And Beau’s name came up because of what happened. And Cody had said that, oh did you hear about Bowen? So let’s just get right to the meat and potatoes. November today, right now is December 21st so from November 1st to December 21st how many deals, how much money have you made?

Beau Hollis: Done a total of four deals. And I’ve made about 40 thousand dollars.

Tom Krol: We are ringing the victory bell, all right here we go. That is awesome. I love it. I love it. So that is awesome. And I know that cause I want to give some value in some content here for all the listeners. So first of all, just so everybody knows, did you like, did you have to spend a lot of money? Are you super intelligent? Did you get a 1600 on your SATs? You have a law degree. Do you have like a, like what? Like why are you able to do, what? Are you Superman or are you just an everyday Joe? What is the story?

Beau Hollis: Okay, so I didn’t have no experience in real estate. The only thing I know about real estate is that people live in houses.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Beau Hollis: And that’s about it. I have no experience in this whatsoever. And the first time I ever heard about wholesaling was through this podcast.

Tom Krol: Oh, awesome.

Beau Hollis: Tom, through your podcast. And so that was the first time I ever even heard about this concept. And I think what separates me is that I just, I don’t try, I just do it.

Tom Krol: Right.

Beau Hollis: I just, I haven’t, I just had my, my philosophy is don’t try, do. And so I just, I just took your advice and you say do it. I say, okay, I’m just going to do it. And I just went out and just did what you said to do. And I followed the instructions and I just don’t, I don’t try to make excuses and I just went out and kind of made it happen.

Tom Krol: So you guys, I mean, what Beau is referring to is something that we hold dear in the tribe. It is our first tenant. It’s our first commonality of between, If there’s one common thread that runs amongst all of our most successful students, it’s absolutely 100% an attitude of progress, not perfection. Get out there, run everything we tell you to do by a real estate attorney. And as soon as you get a green light from him or her, you go and make every mistake in the book and you just make it happen. Don’t worry about awkward conversations and silences on the phone. Don’t worry about looking like an idiot in front of the seller because you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Don’t worry about making mistake. Go out and make it happen. Massive imperfect action is the key. The guys and girls who get the most results get the most success.
Success and failure is only your interpretation of the results. Always remember that success or failure is only your interpretation of the results, but the guys and girls who get the most results will always get the most wins. And Beau is now a perfect example that, I love this story, Beau it’s awesome, now I also do want to say you get your deals through bandit signs, which I think is awesome because if they’re cost effective, tell us a little bit more, first of all, what is your message say? Have you split tested it, have you split tested fonts, colors, marker, hand written, sizes, locations? How can you contribute and be a go giver to people who are just starting out, Like what’s some of the stuff you can share with those guys and girls?

Beau Hollis: Yes. So, so what I do is first off you have to realize that I’m not an expert at this and I’m just now kind of getting my grip on what I should be doing or shouldn’t be doing.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome because, but you have four deals and 40 thousand dollars in like six weeks, which is crazy. And this is why it’s like progress on perfection. And, and let me also say one thing too before you just say what you’re about to say, cause I just want to preface this. Bandit signs in some counties and cities and townships and municipalities are illegal. And if you use bandit signs, you absolutely will get a fine. So don’t do it unless it’s legal. If it’s not legal, do not do it. But go ahead. So what can you tell us about what’s been working for you for bandit signs?

Beau Hollis: Okay, so what I do is I order two different types of bandit signs and I like yellow bandit signs. And your typical bandit sign is going to be an 18 by 24 sign that says something like we buy houses, mine say, mine has a name on it. My sign says Jack buys houses. I love it. Okay. And so because my name is spelled B E A U, I figured that that most people can’t say saying that if they see it on a sign. So I just put Jack down.

Tom Krol: All right, I like it, I like it.

Beau Hollis: And so everybody can say Jack and plus it’s my son’s name.

Tom Krol: I love it. Good name.

Beau Hollis: Mine says Jack buys houses and any price, any condition, and it will say my phone number, not my personal number, but I use a call rail.

Tom Krol: I love call rail.

Beau Hollis: to track that. And then mine says 24 hour recorded message.

Tom Krol: Oh, wow.

Beau Hollis: And so I do a recorded message,

Tom Krol: Okay, wait hold on, I just, I want to say a few things because you just gave out a ton of liquid gold, liquid, liquid gold. So I want everybody to take note of what Jack or Beau just said. So first of all, it’s a yellow corrugated plastic sign.

Beau Hollis: Yes. It’s corrugated plastic sign.

Tom Krol: Where are you buying them from?

Beau Hollis: Actually I buy them from a local guy here in town that has just rockstar prices.

Tom Krol: Perfect.

Beau Hollis: Super good.

Tom Krol: Okay. And what do you pay? Can I ask what do you pay per sign?

Beau Hollis: Yeah, I pay for 18 by 24 signs with the stakes, single-sided, I pay a dollar 80 with the stakes.

Tom Krol: Oh, single-sided. So is it printed?

Beau Hollis: Printed.

Tom Krol: Holy Toledo. That is a good price. You should start a shipping business and start reselling signs.

Beau Hollis: And this guy offers free shipping. So awesome.

Tom Krol: That’s amazing. So if you send me a link, I’ll put a link out to this.

Beau Hollis: Yeah.

Tom Krol: So yellow corrugated plastic and it’s and I want to take note of what you said. So it says Jack buys houses, but more importantly, I hope everybody caught what you just said, which was 24 hour recorded message. So you guys, this is like a little insider secret because if you put that, a lot of people it’ll take the fear away from making the call. Now here’s why that’s important because a lot of motivated sellers are in some sort of distress. Either the home is in distress or they’re personally, the family’s in distress and they are embarrassed. They don’t want to talk about it. Remember there’s surface levels of why people sell at discount, but then you’ve got to get down deep to what the actual motivation is.
So the 24 hour recorded message is very disarming. I know wholesalers who put that on every single postcard and then it goes into like a Chris Chico type recorded message, which is a long one. Some of them use short messages, but I think that that is absolutely genius. So everybody should be taking copious notes right now, but okay, so and then go ahead. I don’t want to, I keep interrupting, I apologize.

Beau Hollis: No, you’re good. I do that. I have those 18 by 24 signs for certain areas of my city and then I’ll have a 12 by 18 signs for areas where you could put them on poles.

Tom Krol: Oh wow.

Beau Hollis: Cause I can get those for a dollar printed so I can throw out a lot of those very cost effective in other areas where you can’t stick them in the ground.

Tom Krol: How many to get 40 thousand dollars in four deals, how many signs did you put out approximately or if you know exactly that’s even better.

Beau Hollis: About 500.

Tom Krol: You guys? 500 so I just want to explain something else to you that I want to make sure that it’s maybe obvious to some people, but some people might be missing it. When you pick a marketing channel, what you want to do is you want to go all in and totally dominate that one channel. So that I can’t go to Louisville, Kentucky without seeing one of Beau’s signs. So this is the key, right? So it’s a complete total domination. Don’t be like the rookies. Don’t be the people like the people who have the roller coaster business, right. Don’t put, you know, Oh well you know, I made some calls on Craigslist and I sent out some direct mail and then I did a few bandit signs and I called some agents. Pick one channel, totally dominant and make it work with a progress, not perfection attitude. So 500 signs, that’s not only a big investment of money, but that’s a big investment of time because they are a pain in the butt, I’m sure you know to put out. Right.

Beau Hollis: Yes.

Tom Krol: So that’s brother. I love you man. I mean you go to the cheddar box, you’re in Louisville, Kentucky.

Beau Hollis: Absolutely.

Tom Krol: I mean this is awesome. Awesome. And I did look at your Facebook page before and I think it’s awesome. You got some really great inspirational biblical stuff that’s.

Beau Hollis: Absolutely.

Tom Krol: Bible-based stuff, which is awesome cause you know.

Beau Hollis: Yeah man.

Tom Krol: me, so that’s awesome. But that’s awesome brother. So. All right, so cool. I love it. And I’d also said he used call rail. I’m a huge fan of Call Rail myself. We’re actually switching over to Call Rail. Any other last minute, like meat and potato, piece of advice that you can give somebody who’s just getting started. Maybe if they have, you know, they’re having some struggles. What, what would you say?

Beau Hollis: I would say you kind of touched on it just a minute ago. It’s just like go all in, you know, don’t have a plan B, you know,

Tom Krol: Right.

Beau Hollis: make this your plan A, B, C, D, E, F,

Tom Krol: Yes.

Beau Hollis: You know, all the way to Z. You know, if you have, if you have a plan B that maybe, you know, if I put out 20 signs and I don’t get a call and a deal, then I’ll just go back to my job.

Tom Krol: Right.

Beau Hollis: And when I started this, being serious, I was you know what, I’m going to do this. You know, if I have to go borrow money from my parents and to pay my bills, I’m going to do this until I get a deal.

Tom Krol: Right. I say this. Yeah, I totally agree and a lot of people say, well, you know, well I remember when I went down to a Sean Terry event when I first started and Sean was like, find your why, find your why and I’m like, Sean, what the heck are you talking about? Like I just want to do a deal. Little did I know that the why is the driver. That’s the passion, discipline.

Beau Hollis: Absolutely.

Tom Krol: and willpower. They run out their small gas tanks. They run out, but passion, willpower, I guarantee you if someone’s listening to this right now and they are stuck in analysis paralysis and they don’t know where to start or they don’t know what to do, I guarantee if somebody kidnapped their family or and was telling you, they would do a deal instantly. Just like it’s just like a miracle. All of a sudden all their priorities fall in order. I mean this is, if wholesaling is not difficult, wholesalers are difficult. Just get out of your own way, make it happen. Have no plan B, send me and Beau a picture of you smiling with a big check or we’re going to come visit you in the hospital because you died trying. Those are your two options and that’s it.

Beau Hollis: I love it. Get it done. Just do it.

Tom Krol: It’s true. It’s true.

Beau Hollis: Go out in the middle of the night, you know, while your kids are sleeping and just pound signs up all, it doesn’t matter. Just get it done.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. Yeah, you can Gary Vandor chuck that all the way. So that’s awesome, so Beau I appreciate it brother. Thank you for, I even this interview is like this is how people get it done. I wasn’t prepared, we had a company meeting, your name came up. I contacted you. We did it within 30 minutes of the conversation that we had, and this is the way it happens. So this is a great example of progress, not perfection. So I’m sure it hopefully will inspire some new people and I love it brother. So thank you for taking the time and have a great night. It’s good talking to you.

Beau Hollis: Good talking to you, Tom.

Tom Krol: All right Beau God Bless. Good to see you again.

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