Novations Bootcamp with Todd Toback

Wholesale Properties to Retail Buyers for 2X Profits
Without Doing Renovations!

Is Your Wholesaling Business Struggling?

Wholesaling as we know it, is more challenging than ever.

The recent shift in the market has sent cash buyers running for the hills, making it difficult to sell what you have under contract.

Worse, despite the current market, most sellers ARE STILL asking for more than what their properties are worth!

There’s now an ever-increasing number of wholesalers competing for the SAME seller leads who are still willing to sell for pennies on the dollar.


Fortunately for wholesalers there’s a strategy called “novations,” which allows you to sell DIRECTLY to retail buyers instead of cash investors. This approach has TWO BIG advantages:

In this business, those who survive pivot at the right time. If you’re ready to take your wholesaling business to the next level, then let’s work together!

Novation Case Studies

Despite the recent slowing in the market, novations is the ONE strategy that’s still ABSOLUTELY crushing it for us right now!

We locked up this property for $350k. Cash buyers were only offering $380-$390k but we were able to net an extra $50k in profit by selling to a retail buyer who offered us $450k!

We locked up this property for $395k thinking we’d assign it to a cash buyer, but the numbers were just too tight, and the seller wouldn’t come down in price. We decided to novate it instead and made $23K in profit!

This is one of our most recent properties that we locked up for $277k. We expect it to sell for $335k, which is an estimated profit of $40k!

The Novations Bootcamp's purpose is to help you start closing novation deals as quickly as possible!

What’s Included in the Novations Bootcamp?

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