To Wholesalers who are struggling, burnt out, and sick of it…

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

When you first heard about Wholesaling Real Estate, you were thrilled by the possibilities. Here was an opportunity to make huge profits in real estate with little-to-no investment and very low risk!

When you closed your first deal, it proved to you that Wholesaling was a real, viable business. You had big dreams of building a business that could earn you 6 or 7 figures – even if you only worked 15 hours a week.

But it didn’t work out like that…

As you built your Wholesaling business, the work just kept piling up. You’re doing everything yourself, often working over 80 hours a week.

You’re working like a dog – probably even more than you worked at your previous job. And in spite of all that work, the profits still aren’t consistent.

One month, it seems like a river of cash is pouring in. The next month, you can barely pay the bills.

If you can relate to that… I understand completely. It’s a trap many Wholesalers fall into.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

You can still achieve that dream of consistently making 6 or 7 figures while working 15 hour weeks. You can reclaim your freedom and create a business that is far less demanding on your time…

…But you’re going to have to fundamentally change the way you do things.

No more doing everything yourself. No more winging it when it comes to finding deals, negotiation, or offer presentation.

You must systematize. Automate. Delegate.

You must spend your time working ON the business, rather than IN the business – so you can build a business that runs without you.

I know that’s become a bit of a cliché. But it’s true nonetheless.

If you’re in the situation I described above… I want to help you.

Reduce your workload by 90% - while dramatically increasing your Wholesaling profits

My name is Todd Toback. If you’ve been a fan of Wholesaling Inc. for a while, you’ve probably heard Tom Krol talk about me…

I introduced Tom to the world of Wholesaling, and I taught him virtually everything he knows about it.

I’ve been in the situation you’re in – working too hard, doing everything myself, and feeling like I couldn’t step away from the business without it falling apart.

When I was finally able to let go, start delegating responsibilities, and build business systems that didn’t rely on me… it changed everything.

My income went up dramatically, even though I was working far fewer hours. The changes I made to my business enabled me to make multi-millions in Wholesaling.

Now I want to pass on everything I’ve learned to a few motivated Wholesalers who are hungry to reach the next level.

That’s why I partnered with Wholesaling Inc. to create the Next Level Wholesaling Program.

The cure for 80+ hour weeks and inconsistent Wholesaling profits

Next Level Wholesaling was designed specifically for Wholesalers who are stuck in the trap of doing everything themselves – and can’t seem to break the curse of inconsistent cash flow.

If you become a member of the Next Level Wholesaling program, you’ll get hands-on, personalized coaching directly from me. I will personally guide you through every step of transforming your business into a well-oiled machine.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Build a highly competent team that can handle every aspect of the business – even when you’re not at the office.
  • Create automated processes that will keep the deals flowing in like clockwork.
  • Set up the systems you must have in place in order to scale your business without burdening yourself with more and more work.
  • Maximize the deals you can get out of the leads you already have – and make more money with no increase in your marketing spend. (There’s GOLD in your database that you’re not mining.)
  • Use advanced negotiation tactics to blast through objections; skyrocket your close rate; and double, triple, or even quadruple your assignment fees.
  • Use delegation and automation to offload 90% of your workload – and finally get relief from burnout!
  • And much more…


Then submit an application and schedule a time to be interviewed for the program. A member of our team will talk to you about your goals and determine if the Next Level Wholesaling program is right for you.

During your call, we’ll also explain the program in detail and give you the chance to ask any questions you have about it.

NOTE: This program is NOT for beginners.

Do NOT apply for the program unless you’re currently making money Wholesaling real estate.

Do NOT apply unless you’re willing to take massive action and fundamentally overhaul your entire business… fast.

Only a small, elite group of Wholesalers will be accepted into the program. If you feel you’re truly READY for this… if you’re tired of treading water, constantly kicking to stay afloat…

…Then submit your application, get on the phone with our team, and find out if the Next Level Wholesaling program is for you.

Bss Testimonials Next Level

  • Brandy from Florida

    Brandy has enjoyed having Todd as his mentor AND his business has grown since getting started with the course!


  • Josh and Marlena

    Incorporating the Next Level Wholesaling course has helped Josh & Marlena cut through the fluff and systemize their business.

  • Matt from South Carolina

    Matt leveled up, turning his job into a business.



  • Brian & Misty from New Jersey

    Clarifying a hiring process has opened up more time to focus on family and growing their business.


  • Matt from Indiana

    Matt has taken his business to the Next Level since diving into the course.

  • Zack from Utah

    Zack has been able to make minor changes to his business that have gotten him immediate results!