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Cash Buyer Pack

Use this proven resource to EXPLODE your cash buyer database up to 100, 500, and even 1,000+ quality contacts so you can sell deals faster and make bigger spreads!

What You'll Learn

12 tips for finding cash buyers including on Facebook and LinkedIn, through escrow agents, at foreclosure auctions, while Driving For Dollars, through real estate agents, and on Zillow and

How to pull cash buyer lists using “BIG data” including by location, price range, property type, length of ownership, number of properties owned, and even if they just sold property and may need to buy more

7 scripts for calling and texting cash buyers… PLUS: how to trade up your cash buyer database with other wholesalers for rapid growth… how to get a good mentor and “adopt” their cash buyers… and more!

BONUS! 2-page assignment agreement: the SAME one Brent uses to wholesale deals (give this template to your local attorney to make any area-specific changes so you can start using it for yourself)


Cash Buyer Pack

for Real Estate Wholesalers!

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