How to Rate and Review a Podcast in iTunes

Anyone who listens to podcasts knows that hosts often ask listeners to leave a rating and review of the show on iTunes. We don’t ask for ratings and reviews for our ego. Our goal is to help aspiring real estate investors and wholesalers all over the country and every rating and review helps the show standout and get in front of more peoples eyes and ears. Help us make an even bigger impact by leaving us a 5-Star rating and review! But how does one actually do this? Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to leave an iTunes rating and review for your favorite podcast (like Wholesaling Inc!).

1. Start by Finding the Show Online and Clicking ‘Listen in Apple Podcasts.

The Wholesaling Inc podcast can be found here.

2. Once in iTunes, Select ‘Ratings and Reviews.


3. Select the Star Icon to Leave Your Rating. Then Click the “Write a Review” Button.


4. This Button Will Open a Pop-Up Window for You to Write and Submit Your Review.


Now click the submit button and you are done! It’s even easier to rate and review the Wholesaling Inc Podcast on your iPhone. To do that, just follow the simple set of instructions below.

1. Search for the Podcast in the Podcasts App and then Tap the Podcast Name in the Dropdown

Note: You’ll need to search in “All Podcasts”. You cannot rate a show from the page containing all of your podcast subscriptions.

2. From Here, Tap the Album Art of the Podcast



3. Next, Scroll Down to the Bottom and Click the “Write a Review” Button.


4. Then Tap the Stars to Rate the Podcast and Write Your Headline and Review.


To Leave a Rating and Review in Podchaser, follow the instructions below. 


1. Click Here to Visit Podchaser and Type “Wholesaling Inc” in the Search Bar. 


2. Click Wholesaling Inc in the Dropdown Menu. 


3. Click the “Rate Podcast” Button.


4. Leave Your Rating and Review and then Click the Save Button. 



Done! Thank you for your support, we appreciate each and every one of you!