Discover How to Build a Massive Rental Portfolio Using None of Your Own Money

Brrr Method Mastery

with David Dodge

Brrr Method Mastery is an advanced online training that shows you how to:

  • Build a massive rental portfolio from scratch using none of your own money.
  • Generate consistent monthly cash flow while drastically increasing your net worth.
  • Acquire the best homes in your neighborhood (at rock bottom prices) to achieve massive appreciation starting on day one.
  • Identify the “right” properties and avoid potential disasters using my proven BMM formula.
  • Manage your new rental portfolio with ease spending as little as 5 hours per week.
  • Create an explosive stream of passive income while enjoying tremendous tax benefits.
  • H.G.S. – Automate and scale your real estate business using my H.G.S. system™ to build a business that runs without you.

Real Estate investing has created 90% of the world’s millionaires!

Let’s face it, we all want financial freedom and security. The problem is, we haven’t been taught there’s a difference between thinking about your cashflow and thinking about your wealth.

How do you build on one to achieve the other? To pay fewer taxes, invest more, and grow more secure as the years go on?

What is the difference between someone who achieves short-term wins and someone who has long-term success?

The difference is between being transactional and building something that compounds. In order to achieve true financial freedom and create legacy wealth, you need to start building long-term.

I’m David Dodge and for the past 17 years, I’ve been investing in real estate. Several years ago, I discovered the TRUE secret to financial freedom and passive income through real estate: The Brrrr Method. By using and teaching these methods I’ve been able to build my own rental portfolio to over 90 properties and I’ve helped dozens of other people do the same.

What Is The BRRRR Method?

To put it simply, the BRRRR method (buy, rehab, rent, re-finance, repeat) is a particular investment strategy that consists of finding a distressed property (at a big discount), doing some rehab work to get it “rent ready” renting it out to tenants, then cash-out refinancing the property and repeating the process, again and again.

The beauty of the BRRRR method is that it allows you to build a rental portfolio with virtually NONE of your own money, while leveraging the properties to acquire more rentals to add to your portfolio. This strategy has allowed me to build a rental portfolio of over 90 properties that generate over $18,000 in passive income (that is AFTER all the bills are paid) every single month…like clockwork!

Why the BRRRR Method?

There are a ton of different strategies to make money in real estate. Wholesaling, fix and flipping, creative financing, landlording, etc. I’ve done every one of those strategies over the years and when it comes to generating passive income and creating legacy wealth, the BRRRR Method blows everything else out of the water. Nothing else even comes close!

Imagine for a minute owning 5, 10, or even 50 rental properties, all generating between $300 and $500 per unit, like clockwork, each and every month. And imagine building this massive rental portfolio using practically NONE of your own money while enjoying tremendous tax advantages that only the uber-wealthy are privy to.

The BRRRR Method can truly change your financial future and allow you to experience not only financial freedom, but time freedom as well.

Build a Massive Rental Portfolio with BRRRR Method Mastery

When it comes to the BRRRR Method, I’ve cracked the code on this powerful wealth builder and have created a brand new program: BRRRR Method Mastery. I’ve removed all of the guesswork and will walk you, by the hand, to owning your first income producing rental property…or help you quickly grow and scale your existing rental portfolio using my proven formula.

In BRRRR Method Mastery I’ll show you how to:

  • Quickly and easily find the best properties in your neighborhood at deeply discounted prices.
  • Generate consistent monthly cash flow while drastically increasing your net worth without using your own money.
  • Analyze real estate deals like a pro so you’ll know how to squeeze the most juice out of every deal. My simple comparables system shows you how to comp a property in less than 5 minutes.
  • Define your buy box –  Once you have clarity on this piece of the puzzle, you’ll be able to uncover a flood of “high income” producing properties while eliminating the losers.
  • Leverage your rental portfolio to enjoy the hidden tax benefits that only the wealthy are privy to.
  • Set up and implement the systems you must have in place from day one in order to grow your rental portfolio without burdening yourself with more and more work.
  • Automate and Scale – Build a highly skilled team that can handle every aspect of your business so you can finally achieve true freedom.
  • I’ll teach you all of that…and so much more.

In the BRRRR Method Mastery coaching program, you’ll learn directly from me as I mentor you each and every week.

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