Bigger Deals

8 Proven Strategies for Doubling, Tripling or Even Quadrupling Your Wholesaling

Bigger Deals is a six-week online training where you’ll discover:

  • The Total Paradigm Shift…Raise your expectations and strengthen your mindset so you can quickly double, triple or even quadruple your wholesaling assignment fees in the next 30 days or less!
  • Exploding Your Cash Buyers List…Next level strategies for building a highly responsive group of hungry cash buyers who will climb over each other to pay YOU top dollar for your properties!
  • Mining Your Database for Gold…Our simple 3-step process for quickly turning dead leads into huge profits, so you can give yourself an IMMEDIATE RAISE without increasing your marketing spend.
  • Master the Art of Negotiating and Closing Sellers…How to dramatically shorten the buying cycle with “micro commitments,” so deals close sooner and you get PAID FASTER.
  • The “Profit Maximizer”… An advanced technique to create a “feeding frenzy” at your properties that ensures MAXIMUM PROFIT for you, but doesn’t overwhelm sellers or over complicate the process for buyers!
  • The “Takedown”…The ultra-next level tactic that led to a deal that NETTED a $174k in pure profit!

1x Payment of $997

2x Payments of $597

Listen What Our Customers Are Saying..

Corey from Wisconsin

"Being in this course has been a Game Changer!" Corey & Carrie went from averaging 5k per deal to their Biggest deal yet of 37k!!

Richard from Louisiana

Richard has been able to change his mindset since getting started with the Course getting him Bigger Deals!!

David from Florida

Since completing the Bigger Deals Course David closes his Biggest deal yet for 27k!

Michael from South Carolina

Michael doubles his assignment fee after being in the Bigger Deals Course!

Josh from Maryland

Becoming a part of the Bigger Deals course has Exploded Josh's profits!

Chris and Cyndi from Arizona

Since joining Bigger Deals Chris and Cyndi have Doubled their assignment fees and quadrupled their Buyers list!

Seth from Colorado

Seth has Tripled his deal size since adding the Bigger Deals Course to his process.

Jack from California

Since getting started with the Bigger Deals Course Jack has had Immediate Results including his biggest deal ever!

Josh Stevens from Texas

Gained Structure and a Road Map

Katherine from Massachusetts

Since getting started with the Bigger Deals Course, Katherine has been able to grow her cash buyers list and get more deals locked up!

Garth from Kentucky

Garth got started with the Bigger Deals course only 8 weeks ago and is already seeing a increase in his business.

Jeremy from New Hampshire

Jeremy is on track to double his Assignment Fees with help from the Bigger Deals course.

1x Payment of $997

2x Payments of $597