Discover The Low Competition Marketing Channel New Wholesalers Use To Find Deals Even If You Have No Marketing Budget

Agent Deal Domination - The New Wholesaler's Starting Kit

with Todd Toback

New Wholesaler's Starter Kit is online training for NEW wholesalers showing you:

  • How to get your first deal with ZERO marketing budget
  • How to gain IMMEDIATE access to a HUGE SOURCE of wholesale deals most wholesalers have no clue about
  • The best ways you can use to start your CASH BUYERS LIST with no money
  • The COMPLETE step-by-step process for putting a home under contract.
  • How to be the first investor to know about a property in your market and have it under contract before other investors get a chance to bid on it.
  • The done-for-you road map to successfully converting this marketing channel
  • BONUS: The word-for-word scripts You Need to Successfully Land Your First Deal
  • BONUS: The Complete List of Agents in Your Area
  • BONUS: All of the exact contracts you need

The Fastest Way To Profit In Real Estate  As A Complete Newbie

Investing in real estate is the fastest way to build wealth in America. In this program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to find and close deals, avoid costly newbie mistakes, and make incredible profits in the real estate market. Discover how profitable it is to invest in real estate today!

Who this is for: This is for NEW wholesalers and Real Estate investors who do not have any money for a marketing budget but has the grit and determination to generate deals.

This marketing channel can be started by anyone at any stage of your business because it doesn’t cost money. The tactics and strategies in this training are simple and actionable for ANY new wholesalers/investors to start doing today.

Who this is NOT for: If you don’t have the stomach to go through the numbers, this is NOT for you. If you do not have the rhino-thick skin to protect against rejection, this is NOT for you.

The Starter Kit focuses on a new method of getting deals that requires a much lower initial investment than the methods we teach in our flagship course. This new method of getting deals is virtually free and has a higher return than just about any method of finding deals that you can possibly think of.
  • It’s much cheaper than direct mail. (Direct mail can cost $1,000’s per month.)
  • It’s even cheaper than buying lists and cold calling them.
  • It’ll give you a much bigger return on your time investment than putting up bandit signs.
  • You don’t even have to “drive for dollars” to use this method!

We also give you the exact system and scripts to use to quickly build relationships with prospects in the shortest amount of time.

We leave nothing out to start making you more money right away. We’ll even share with you a proven formula for exactly how much to offer to each property owner you talk to so that more motivated sellers will do business with you.

But that’s not all…

We will walk you through how to build a cash buyers list using this channel and the step-by-step process for getting a house under contract without fear of penalties or law trouble.


QUESTION: Can I roll this into the larger Wholesaling Inc course?
ANSWER: Yes! We want you to land your first deal then build a business that serves you. To do that we will credit the cost for the Starter Kit towards your purchase when you join the tribe!

QUESTION: How do you handle the earnest money deposit (EMD)?
ANSWER: In most cases, we get our buyers to put in the EMD.  I talk much more about this in Agent Deal Domination.

QUESTION: Can you do double closings with agent deals?
ANSWER: Yes, in fact, I encourage it, so the agent and cash buyer never meet.

QUESTION:  Which contracts do you use when working with agents?
ANSWER:  We use the agent’s contracts, but add in some of our own clauses, which I teach in Agent Deal Domination.

QUESTION: How do you find real estate agents to work with?
ANSWER: One of my favorite strategies is Craigslist.  I teach every method used in our business inside of Agent Deal Domination.

QUESTION: Can you do this strategy virtually?
ANSWER: Yes, we do this 100% virtually over the phone

QUESTION: Can newbies do this?  Do you need experience?
ANSWER: No you don’t need experience, but you do need to learn how to talk to agents.  And once you do, this strategy is actually ideal for newbies because there’s almost zero marketing costs involved.

QUESTION: If the agent has such a good deal, why don’t they just wholesale it themselves?
ANSWER: Because agents don’t think that way.  They only know how to sell deals the way they were trained.

QUESTION: Don’t agents avoid working with investors?
ANSWER: Some do.  Some don’t.  It’s no different than when working with private sellers, i.e. some will and some won’t.  It’s simply a matter of finding agents who are willing to work with you.

QUESTION: Do real estate agents know what a “deal” is?
ANSWER: Not all of them, which is why you’ll need to train them. I show you how to go about this in Agent Deal Domination.

QUESTION: Won’t the agent just cut you out of next deal if they learn of your cash buyer?
ANSWER: This is why it’s best to double close. I show you how in Agent Deal Domination.  I also teach an alternative method if you’re not able to double close.

QUESTION: How do I get proof of funds?
ANSWER: You can get one by contacting a hard money lender in your area.

QUESTION: Does this strategy work with REO’s?
ANSWER: Yes. I show you how in Agent Deal Domination.

QUESTION: Do you need a cash buyers list?
ANSWER: Yes, which is why I show you how to quickly build a cash buyers list inside of Agent Deal Domination

QUESTION: How to you determine your offer?
ANSWER: We use normal wholesaling offer formulas

QUESTION: Can you use this strategy if you’re a licensed agent?
ANSWER: Yes, but you must let the agent collect both sides of the deal and you must also disclose that you’re an agent

QUESTION: Who pays commissions?
ANSWER: The seller pays all commissions

QUESTION: How much money do you need to get started?
ANSWER: None.  You need effort more so than cash

QUESTION: Is this strategy for wholesaling only?
ANSWER: Yes, this strategy only works because you’re able to pay cash to the agent