90 Day Deal Challenge

Don't Waste Any More Time On Trial And Error

I want to help you close your first wholesale deal in the next 90 days!

Unlock The “90 Day Deal Challenge” And Build Your Wholesale Business From Scratch At Our Lowest Price Ever

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Learning how to wholesale on your own is like drinking water from a firehose. 

For example, there are 838 videos on my YouTube channel and over 1,000 podcast episodes…

Pace Morby has



Jamil Damji has



Jerry Norton has



All great stuff, but more than anybody could ever consume. And it gets overwhelming.
Which is why if you’re relying on YouTube or podcasts to get you going, chances are you’ll get bogged down by too much info and never take action.
No good.

Here’s a faster and easier way to learn how to wholesale, one that serves up the best of the best on a silver platter…

90 Day Deal Challenge

If you’re done with sitting on the sidelines and ready to finally start taking action and building the life you’ve been dreaming of… then the 90 Day Deal Challenge is for you.

With my step-by-step formula, in just 90 days, you’ll close your first wholesale deal and create a rock-solid foundation for building YOUR OWN wholesale business…. ALL FROM SCRATCH!

I’ve laid out CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS THAT HELPED ME and 1000’s of others close their first deal! Why not follow a proven path?!

It’s a small investment that you’ll make back after your first deal + a chance to FINALLY become financially free. Which to me… is priceless!

Includes three guided courses (5+ hours of online, on-demand training)

Millionaire Mindset

Before we dive into wholesaling, we need to focus on changing your mindset. In this course I give you the hacks you need to start thinking like a 7-figure entrepreneur. I’ll reveal life-changing secrets of 7-figure wholesalers to build a strong foundation to start ANY BUSINESS!

Retail Price $295

Wholesaling Blueprint

In this course you’ll learn the most reliable way to do your first wholesale deal, while simultaneously building a strong foundation for growth! This course has 11 modules and will cover 48 TOPICS from lead gen to property due diligence. This course IS FILLED with everything you need to become successful in this business!

Retail Price $2055


This action plan is designed for you to build the MAXIMUM amount of momentum in your business over the next 90 days! I will give you a step-by-step checklist of things to take ACTION on in increments. The more steps you take the more you’ll want to continue building. 90 Day Action Plan will give you the FASTEST PATH TO SUCCESS!

Retail Price $535


I am throwing in my Real Estate Contract templates FOR FREE!

Retail Price $3,500

What you’ll get in the 90 Day Deal Challenge: Millionaire Mindset Course, Wholesaling Blueprint, 90 Day Action Plan, AND Real Estate Contract templates all retailed at $6,385 for ONLY $495!

Over 75% OFF $6,385 $495

or 2 Payments of $285

Expires on 12/01/2022

Are you ready to build a thriving real estate business IN EVERY MARKET?! Get access to every tool, tactic, and cheat sheet to start right now!

Over 75% OFF $6,385 $495

or 2 Payments of $285

Expires on 12/01/2022

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