Posted on: August 24, 2017

When Clayton Morris started his Wholesaling business, Tom Krol was his coach. Now, Clayton is coaching us because he’s moved onto something a little different: turnkey real estate investing.



  • How to unlock your freedom number.
  • Why the best investment opportunities are NOT in your backyard.
  • How Clayton funds his investment strategy through Wholesaling.


Find Your Freedom Number

Your freedom number is the income you need to be financially free and living the lifestyle you want, without being stuck at a job you don’t like. This number might actually be surprisingly low, and freedom may be closer than you imagine.

You can unlock your freedom number using Clayton’s FREE Find Your Freedom Number cheat sheet.


Clayton’s Investment Strategy

Clayton uses the revenue from local Wholesaling deals to fund investments in the midwest. You can listen to this episode of Clayton’s podcast for a deep dive into why the best properties are NOT in your backyard.

Every investor has their own personal preference about what a good Return On Investment (ROI) means. In the stock market, you may only see 2-3% ROI (if you’re lucky). In Clayton’s area of NJ, investors may get 8% ROI on a good property.

Clayton’s goal is to receive a 12% ROI, at a minimum, and he also guarantees that for all of his clients. You can book a free 30-minute call with Clayton and his team here to learn more.




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